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31 October 2000 - Singapore 006

Singapore Airlines Flight 006 was a scheduled flight from Singapore Changi Airport to Los Angeles International Airport via Chiang Kai-Shek Airport (now Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport) in Taiwan, Republic of China. On 31 October 2000, the Boeing 747-412, registration 9V-SPK, attempted to take off from the wrong runway in Taipei during a typhoon, destroying the aircraft and killing 83 of the 179 occupants.

Scheduled departure time at Taipei was 22.55h. The flight left gate B-5 and taxied to taxiway NP, which ran parallel to runway 05L and 05R. The crew had been cleared for a runway 05L departure because runway 05R was closed because of construction work. CAA Taiwan had issued a NOTAM on Aug 31, 2000 indicating that part of runway 05R between Taxiway N4 and N5 was closed for construction between Sept. 13 to Nov. 22, 2000. Runway 05R was to have been converted and re-designated as Taxiway NC effective Nov. 1, 2000.

After reaching the end of taxiway NP, SQ006 turned right into Taxiway N1 and immediately made a 180-degree turn to runway 05R. After approximately 6 second hold, SQ006 started its takeoff roll at 23.15:45h. Weather conditions were very poor because of typhoon 'Xiang Sane' in the area. METAR at 23.20h included Wind 020 degrees at 36 knots gusting 56 knots, visibility - 600 meters, and heavy rainfall. On takeoff, 3.5secs after V1, the aircraft hit concrete barriers, excavators and other equipment on the runway. The plane crashed back onto the runway, breaking up and bursting into flames while sliding down the runway and crashing into other objects related to work being done on runway 05R.

The aircraft wreckage was distributed along Runway 05R beginning at about 4,080 feet from the runway threshold. The airplane broke into two main sections at about fuselage station 1560 and came to rest about 6,480 feet from the runway threshold.

An investigation into the accident was conducted by the Taiwan Aviation Safety Council (ASC). The final report was issued by the ASC on 24 April 2002. In the report section "Findings Related to Probable Causes," which detailed factors that played a major role in the circumstances leading to the accident, it was stated that the flight crew did not review the taxi route, despite having all the relevant charts, and as a result did not know the aircraft had entered the wrong runway. Upon entering the wrong runway, the flight crew had neglected to check the paravisual display (PVD) and the primary flight display (PFD), which would have indicated that the aircraft was lined up on the wrong runway. According to the ASC, these errors, coupled with the imminent arrival of the typhoon and the poor weather conditions, caused the flight crew to lose situational awareness and led them to attempt to take off from the wrong runway.

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Transcript of the Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR)

RDO - Radio transmission from accident aircraft
CAM - Cockpit Area Microphone sound or source
-1 - Voice identified as Captain (left seat)
-2 - Voice identified as First Officer (right seat)
-3 - Voice identified as Observer/Relief pilot
TWR - Taipei Tower


time source content
23:08:27 CAM-3 Hongkong closed ah
23:08:27 CAM-1 That's what he said not accepting any
23:08:29 CAM-2 I see
23:08:30 CAM-1 I think some people might have diverted there lah I think
23:08:40 CAM-2 Ok column coming back
23:08:47 CAM-1 If the RVR five left was two hundred right just now we checked
23:08:50 CAM-3 RVR yah two hundred
23:08:50 CAM-1 Correct, yah two hundred meters ah, ok lah
23:08:54 CAM (Sound similar to that of seat motor)
23:08:55 CAM-1 Ok man before takeoff checklist
23:08:56 CAM-2 Roger sir
23:08:58 CAM-2 Before takeoff checks, flaps
23:09:02 CAM-1 Twenty green
23:09:03 CAM-2 Twenty green
23:09:06 CAM-2 Flight control
23:09:07 CAM-1 Check
23:09:07 CAM-2 Check
23:09:08 CAM-2 EPR and speeds
23:09:09 CAM-1 Ok, EPR one point five two ah, Vee one, one forty two, Vee R one five six and Vee two, one six nine set
23:09:15 CAM-2 EPR one point five two ah, Vee one, one forty two, rotate one five six and Vee two, one six nine
23:09:19 CX 2043 (Cathay two zero four three conversation with ground control)- -
23:09:22 CAM-2 Speed set
23:09:24 CAM-2 Departure routing
23:09:25 CAM-1 Ok ah Taipei runway zero six left huh
23:09:27 CAM-2 Zero five left
23:09:28 GND (Ground control conversation with Cathay two zero four three)
23:09:29 CAM-1 Zero five left
23:09:29 CAM-3 Zero five left
23:09:31 CAM-1 And er we got Anpu three departure Kikit transition huh
23:09:32 CX 2043 (Cathay 2043 conversation with ground control)
23:09:34 GND (Ground control conversation with Cathay 2043)
23:09:35 CX 2043 (Cathay 2043 conversation with ground control)
23:09:38 CAM-1 Looks like I got to go
23:09:40 CAM-2 Next one got to go right is it
23:09:41 CAM-1 Yah, go right turn right here, all the way to West Cross lah right turn here
23:09:46 CAM-2 Runway is zero five left. Kikit transition initially two hundred ah level alpha one squawk two six five seven, will be two nine zero by Bulan
23:09:58 CAM-1 A lot of rudder work man here... really ah
23:10:01 CAM-3 Cross wind ah
23:10:02 CAM-1 Yah
23:10:03 CAM-2 Transponder TA RA, set, checks down to the line
23:10:06 CAM-1 Ok, thanks.
23:10:08 CAM-2 West Cross correct, Sierra Sierra West Cross
23:10:14 CAM-1 Everybody waiting for each other for takeoff you see haha
23:10:18 CAM-1 The bugger heard us ... er going... that fellow also
23:10:21 CAM-3 Yah, it is coming in ah, the longer they delay the worse it is lah
23:10:23 CAM-1 Yah, worse if we are going to get out, if don't take off ah .going to go very slow here, ok, because you going get skid
23:10:24 CAM-2 Ok nine knots
23:10:33 CAM-3 Ok, to catch the wind
23:10:35 CAM-2 That's all the moisture
23:10:41 CAM-2 Turning left skidding er turning right err skidding left two seven zero
23:10:42 CAM-3 The weather radar will be all red ha ha
23:10:43 CAM-1 Ok, passing ah two eight zero now, ah needles tracking and turn right skidding left now ah, past heading of about two.. three hundred now ah
23:10:45 CAM-2 Yah that's right ah
23:10:56 CAM (Sound of clicks)
23:11:00 CAM-2 My speed excursion is more than the left side, because the wind is coming from here
23:11:03 CAM-1 Ah, yah
23:11:03 CAM-3 Your pitot on the other side ah ... just pick up
23:11:10 CAM-2 Roger that
23:11:12 CAM-1 For the takeoff use autopilot better
23:11:22 CAM-1 Typhoon man, ok tomorrow the guys coming in will be "terok" (terrible) man
23:11:28 CAM-3 Yah, tomorrow morning Singapore five
23:11:29 GND (Ground control conversation with Cathay two zero four three)
23:11:36 CX 2043 (Cathay two zero four three conversation with ground control)
23:11:38 GND (Ground control conversation with Cathay two zero four three)
23:11:42 CX 2043 (Cathay two zero four three conversation with ground control)
23:11:47 CX 2043 (Cathay two zero four three conversation with ground control)
23:11:49 CAM-1 The five left also imp... imp... improve already the visibility to five hundred fifty meters
23:11:52 GND (Ground control conversation with Cathay two zero four three)
23:11:54 CX 2043 (Cathay two zero four three conversation with ground control)
23:11:55 CAM-3 Five left... wait ah
23:11:56 CAM-1 Ya, the guys said improved already went up
23:11:59 CAM-3 Now is four fifty
23:12:00 CAM-1 Just now the guys ask him over the tower
23:12:01 CAM-2 Yah
23:12:02 ATIS Taipei Chiang Kai Shek International Airport information uniform one five zero zero zulu runway zero six for departure only runway zero five left for category two approach and departure wind zero two zero at three six gust five six visibility six hundred meters runway zero five RVR four hundred fifty meters downward runway zero six RVR five hundred fifty meters downward with heavy rain cloud broken two hundred feet overcast five hundred feet temperature two one dew point two zero QNH one zero zero one Hectopascal
23:12:06 CAM-2 Coming up er... November Papa eh
23:12:07 CAM-1 Ok, all the way down left turn all the way down
23:12:10 CAM-2 Left ah
23:12:10 CAM-1 Yah
23:12:17 CAM-2 One two five one departure
23:12:20 GND (Ground control conversation with Cathay 2043)
23:12:21 CAM (Sound similar to that of radio frequency selection)
23:12:22 CAM-1 Ok, first left
23:12:23 CX 2043 (Cathay 2043 conversation with ground control)
23:12:23 CAM-2 Affirm first left
23:12:24 CAM-1 Left
23:12:25 CAM-2 Left
23:12:26 GND (Ground control conversation with Cathay 2043)
23:12:33 CAM (Sound similar to that of seat motor)
23:12:38 CX 2043 (Cathay 2043 conversation with ground control)
23:12:41 CAM (Sound similar to that of nose gear scrubbing)
23:12:47 CAM (Sound similar to that of nose gear scrubbing)
23:12:47 GND (Ground control conversation with Cathay 2043)
23:12:56 CAM-3 The latest QNH is one zero zero one
23:12:56 CAM-2 Clearing that huh
23:12:58 GND Singapore six contact tower one two nine point three, good day.
23:13:02 RDO-2 One two nine point three good day sir, Singapore six.
23:13:13 CAM-2 One zero zero one one two nine point one two nine point three ah ... ok ah
23:13:25 RDO-2 Taipei Tower, good evening, Singapore six.
23:13:28 TWR Singapore six, good evening, Taipei Tower hold short runway zero five left.
23:13:33 RDO-2 Hold short runway zero five left, Singapore six.
23:13:38 TWR Singapore six, for information now surface wind zero two zero at two four, gust four three, say intention.
23:13:44 CAM-1 Gusting four three ah
23:13:46 RDO-2 Thank you sir, Singapore six.
23:13:47 CAM-1 Ok, ok better less
23:13:48 CAM-3 Less, less gust already
23:13:54 CAM-1 Zero two zero it's from left lah
23:13:56 CAM-3 Two four gust four three
23:14:05 CAM-2 Zero two zero
23:14:08 CAM-1 Ok this one will be here ah
23:14:18 CAM-1 Zero two zero
23:14:20 CAM-3 Ya, left lah
23:14:21 CAM-1 Go right to the end of the runway, end of the runway then turn, ok.
23:14:31 CAM-3 Quite a bit of aileron for the takeoff
23:14:35 CAM-2 OK
23:14:40 CAM-2 The next one
23:14:41 CAM-2 Next one is November one
23:14:42 CAM-1 Ok second right
23:14:44 CAM-2 Second right, that's right
23:14:47 CAM-1 In Australia, to them, next one is this, first one you know
23:14:50 CAM-2 Next one this one
23:14:51 CAM-1 Yah ha ha
23:14:52 CAM-1 Australian
23:14:53 CAM-1 I think the best is to say second right ah first right second right ah
23:14:55 CAM-2 Clearing that Satvoice
23:14:58 CAM-1 Tell them we are ready lah
23:15:02 RDO-2 Singapore six ready.
23:15:04 TWR Singapore six roger, runway zero five left, taxi into position and hold.
23:15:08 RDO-2 Taxi into position and hold, Singapore six
23:15:12 CAM-2 I get them seated ah
23:15:12 CAM-1 Ok below the line please
23:15:15 CAM-2 Cabin crew to your takeoff station thanks
23:15:20 CAM (Sound similar to that of door closing)
23:15:21 CAM (Sound of chime)
23:15:22 TWR Singapore six, runway zero five left, wind zero two zero at two eight, gust to five zero, cleared for takeoff.
23:15:30 RDO-2 Cleared for takeoff, Runway zero five left Singapore six.
23:15:31 CAM-1 OK man
23:15:34 CAM-2 OK checks below the line, cabin announcement complete
23:15:37 CAM-2 Packs
23:15:38 CAM-1 Ok norm eh
23:15:39 CAM-2 Norm
23:15:40 CAM-2 Strobes on, landing lights all on
23:15:44 CAM-2 Takeoff clearance
23:15:45 CAM-1 Obtained hah
23:15:46 CAM-2 Obtained sir
23:15:47 CAM-1 OK thanks
23:15:48 CAM-2 Before takeoff checklist completed
23:15:50 CAM (Sound of click)
23:15:50 CAM-2 OK green lights are here
23:15:52 CAM-1 It going to be very slippery I am going to slow down a bit, slow turn here
23:15:53 CAM-2 Turning that
23:16:07 CAM-2 And the PVD hasn't lined up ah
23:16:10 CAM-1 Yeah we gotta line up first
23:16:12 CAM-3 We need forty five degrees
23:16:15 CAM-2 I see, excellent man
23:16:16 CAM-1 Yah
23:16:23 CAM-1 Not on yet er PVD huh never mind we can see the runway, not so bad. Ok, I am going to put it to high first. OK ready eh, so zero one zero is from the left lah Ok
23:16:27 CAM-2 Ok
23:16:30 CAM (Sound similar to that of wipers going to high speed)
23:16:31 CAM-2 Ready sir zero two zero check ok
23:16:33 CAM-1 Left wing into aileron, left aileron into wind. Huh OK Cabin reported eh
23:16:37 CAM-3 Yah cabin is ready.
23:16:37 CAM-1 Ok thanks
23:16:37 CAM-2 Yup thanks
23:16:43 CAM-3 Ok -thrust ref toga toga
23:16:43 CAM-2 Thrust ref toga toga
23:16:44 CAM-1 Ok -thrust ref toga toga
23:16:44 CAM (Sound similar to that of engines spooling up)
23:16:54 CAM-3 Hold
23:16:54 CAM-2 Hold
23:16:54 CAM-1 Roger
23:16:55 CAM-3 Eighty knots
23:16:55 CAM-2 Eighty knots
23:16:56 CAM-1 Ok my control
23:17:13 CAM-2 Vee one
23:17:13 CAM-3 Vee one
23:17:16 CAM-1 **** something there
23:17:17 CAM Sound of the first impact
23:17:18 CAM ****waaah****
23:17:18 CAM Sound of a series of impacts
23:17:22   End of Recording

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