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8 November 1965 - American Airlines 383

American Airlines Flight 383 was a nonstop flight from New York to Cincinnati on November 8, 1965. The aircraft was a Boeing 727-123 aircraft with 62 people on board. Flight 383 was approaching Cincinnati runway 18 when it struck a wooded hillside of the Ohio River bank with the right wing. The aircraft skidded 300m through foliage and scrub before colliding with a number of trees, bursting into flames. N1996 impacted at 225ft below the airport elevation of 890ft msl. Weather at the time of the accident was poor: rain and thunderstorms.
Only four individuals survived; three passengers, and one flight attendant.

PROBABLE CAUSE: "The failure of the crew to properly monitor the altimeters during a visual approach into deteriorating visibility conditions."

DOWNLOAD detailed description of the events and investigation of the crash from CASA Flight Safety Magazine (Feb 2006 issue)

AA: American 383
TWR: Cincinnati Tower

AA Cincinnati Tower ... we're six miles southeast and ... control VFR.
TWR Runway 18, wind 230 degrees, five knots, altimeter 30.
AA Roger, Runway 18.
TWR Have you in sight - cleared to land.
AA We're cleared to land, roger. How far west is that precip line now?
TWR Looks like it's just about over the field at this time, sir. We're not getting anything on the field however ... if we have a windshift I'll keep you advised as you turn on to final.
AA Thank you - we'de appreciate it.
TWR We're beginning to pick up a little rain now.
TWR Have you still got the runway OK?
AA Ah ... just barely ... we'll pick up the ILS here.
TWR Approach lights, flashers and runway lights are all on high intensity.

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