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31 March 1993 - Japan Airlines 46E

On March 31, 1993, Japan Airlines Cargo Flight 46E operated by a Boeing 747-100 (N473EV) experienced severe turbulence at an altitude of about 2,000 ft (610 m) after departure about 12:24 local time, resulted in dynamic multi-axis lateral loadings that exceeded the ultimate lateral load-carrying of the number two engine pylon. This caused the number two engine to separate from the aircraft; the number one engine was maintained at emergency/maximum power and the aircraft landed safely back at Anchorage International Airport 20 minutes later.



On March 31, 1993, the No. 2 engine and engine pylon separated from Japan Airlines, Inc. flight 46E, a Boeing 747-121, that had been wet-leased from Evergreen International Airlines, Inc.,
shortly after departure from Anchorage International Airport, Anchorage, Alaska. The accident occurred about 1234 Alaska standard time. The flight was a scheduled cargo flight from
Anchorage to Chicago-O'Hare International Airport, Chicago, Illinois. On board the airplane were the flightcrew, consisting of the captain, the first officer, and the second officer, and two nonrevenue company employees. The airplane was substantially damaged during the separation of the engine. No one on board the airplane or on the ground was injured.

Flight 46E departed Anchorage about 1224 local time. The flight release/weather package provided to the pilots by Evergreen operations contained a forecast for severe turbulence and indicated that severe turbulence was reported by other large airplanes. As flight 46E taxied onto the runway to await its takeoff clearance, the local controller informed the flightcrew that the pilot of another Evergreen B-747 reported severe turbulence at 2,500 feet while climbing out from
runway 6R.

After takeoff, at an altitude of about 2,000 feet, the airplane experienced an uncommanded left bank of approximately 50 degrees. While the desired air speed was 183 knots, the air speed fluctuated about 75 knots from a high of 245 knots to a low of 170 knots. Shortly thereafter, the flightcrew reported a "huge" yaw, the No. 2 throttle slammed to its aft stop, the No. 2 reverser indication showed thrust reverser deployment, and the No. 2 engine electrical bus failed. Several witnesses on the ground reported that the airplane experienced several severe pitch and roll oscillations before the engine separated.

Shortly after the engine separated from the airplane, the flightcrew declared an emergency, and the captain initiated a large radius turn to the left to return and land on runway 6R. The No. I engine was maintained at emergency/maximum power. While on the downwind portion of the landing pattern, bank angles momentarily exceeded 40 degrees, alternating with wings level. About 1245, flight 46E advised the tower that they were on the runway.

The National Transportation Safety Board determines that the probable cause of this accident was the lateral separation of the No. 2 engine pylon due to an encounter with severe or possibly extreme turbulence that resulted in dynamic multi-axis lateral loadings that exceeded the ultimate lateral load-carrying capability of the pylon, which was already reduced by the presence of the fatigue crack near the forward end of the pylon's forward firewall web.

As a result of its investigation of this accident, the National  Transportation Safety Board made seven recommendations to the Federal Aviation Administration, including the inspection of B-747
engine pylons, the potential meteorological hazards to aircraft,,, an increase in the lateral load capability of engine pylon structures, and the modification of the aircraft departure routes at Anchorage International Airport during periods of moderate or severe turbulence. The Safety Board recommended that the National Weather Service use the WSR-88D Doppler weather radar system at Anchorage, Alaska, to document mountain-generated wind fields in the
Anchorage area and to develop detailed low altitude turbulence forecasts. Additionally, the Safety Board reiterated to the Federal Aviation Administration Safety Recommendation A-92-58, which urged the development of a meteorological aircraft hazard program to include
other airports in or near mountainous terrain.

Transcript of the Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR)


RDO Radio transmission from accident aircraft

CAM Cockpit area microphone voice or sound source

INT Transmissions over accident aircraft's interphone system

- 1 Voice identified as Captain

- 2 Voice identified as First Officer

- 3 Voice identified as Flight Engineer

- 4 Voice identified as additional crew member #1 (ACM)

- 5 Voice identified as additional crew member #2 (ACM)

- 6 Voice identified as accident aircraft's "electronic voice"

- 7 Voice identified as ground crewman

-? Voice unidentified

EVV-1 Radio transmission from Evergreen Anchorage operations

GND-1 Radio transmission from Anchorage ground control

TWR-1 Radio transmission from Anchorage control tower

DEP-1 Radio transmission from Anchorage departure control

PNS- Radio transmission from Peninsula flight 4205

JA42- Radio transmission from Japan Air (Evergreen) flight 42 Echo heavy

K084- Radio transmission from Korean Airlines flight 084

835 - Radio transmission from aircraft 835

Unintelligible word

@ Non pertinent word

# Expletive

% Break in continuity

( ) Questionable insertion

(( )) Editorial insertion

- - - Pause


Note: Times are expressed in Alaska standard time (AST).

Times shown in brackets {}are computer reference times.

(all intra-cockpit communication begins with CAM as source, see Appendix B for abbreviation definitions)

(all air-ground communications are all other sources, see Appendix B for abbreviation definitions)




1221:18 {00:02}
GND-1 forty six Echo heavy, taxi runway six right via Mike Romeo Kilo, hold short of runway three two. contact tower
holding short.

1221:28 {00:12}
RDO-2 Mike Romeo Kilo holding short three two, contact, tower when we are holding short, short of three two.

1221:32 {00:16}
CAM-3 thank you.

1221:36 {00:20}
GND-1 ** four six Echo, Lima is current, altimeter is two nine six zero.

1221:38 {00:22}
CAM-1 good job.

1221:38 {00:22}
CAM-3 * good job.

1221:39 {00:23}
CAM-1 is that all?

1221:40 {00:24}
CAM-3 as far as I know, yea.

1221:42 {00:26}
CAM-1 sure do.

1221:44 {00:28}
CAM-? ((several unintelligible comments by several cockpit

1222:21 {01:05}
CAM-3 ya, well today I'm sorry you're gonna miss your flight out of

1222:26 {01:10}
CAM-1 *** knew about that.

1222:27 {01:11}
CAM-3 ya, well now it's, affirmative.

1222:30 {01:14}
CAM-1 roger, time to go home?

1222:32 {01:16}
CAM-3 yea, I got a eight fifteen out of Chicago. -- mighta' made it
had we nota' been late to begin with, an then, you know it's

gettin' the airplane late and, and the maintenance


1222:53 {01:37}
CAM-1 to be worried about

1223:01 101:451
K084 Korean zero eight four, we got about a ten knot shear at uh, about fifteen hundred feet.

1223:03 {01:47}
RDO-3 Evergreen ops, ah, forty six Echo.

1223:06 {01:50}
GND-1 ten knot shear at fifteen hundred feet, was it?

1223:07 {01:51}
K084 yea, fifteen hundred, just about ten knots.

1223:08 {01:52}
GND-1 OK, thank you very much.

1223:09 {01:53}
EVV-1 four six echo, Evergreen ops, go ahead.

1223:10 {01:54}
RDO-3 yea roger, ah, we're back out again, and I'll give you a time in a little bit ah, just wanted you to know our fuel on
board for the first segment, was ah, two two nine decimal four with an uplift of two six two four nine. and I'll call everything
else on the ah, new one will be the same cargo weight and all that. I'll call on the departure.

1223:35 {02:19}
EVV-1 OK, thank you.

1223:43 {02:27}
CAM-3 we're back out as planned here.

1223:45 {02:29}

1223:47 {02:31}
CAM-3 I don't know what time it was, I'll have to figure out

1223:51 {02:35}
CAM-1 ***

1223:52 {02:36}
CAM-3 three minutes, four minutes to get around the corner?

1223:54 {02:38}
CAM-1 ya. --- flaps ten, taxi check.

1224:02 {02:46}
CAM- ((sound of two clicks))

1224:03 {02:47}
CAM-3 taxi.

1224:05 {02:49}
CAM- ((ratcheting sound similar to stabilizer trim wheel))

1224:17 {03:01}
CAM-1 the stab is what?

1224:19 {03:03}
CAM-3 six point two.

1224:23 {03:07}
CAM-2 **** --- checking the controls right. --- left --- forward

1224:47 {03:31}
CAM-3 flaps?

1224:50 {03:34}
CAM-1 ten degrees, handles, gauges, lights checked.

1224:52 {03:36}
CAM-2 ten degrees, handles, gauges, light check.

1224:54 {03:38}
CAM-3 flight controls?

1224:55 {03:39}
CAM-1 check.

1224:56 {03:40}
CAM-2 check.

1224:57 {03:41}
CAM-3 yaw damper.

1224:58 {03:42}
CAM-1 check.

1224:59 {03:43}
CAM-3 stab trim.

1225:00 {03:44}
CAM-1 six point two units checked.

1225:02 {03:46}
CAM-2 six point two **, checked.

1225:03 {03:47}

1225:04 {03:48}
CAM-1 checked ((concurrent with next transmission))

1225:10 {03:54}
RDO-2 and good morning again ah, Japan Air forty six Echo heavy is with you.

1225:11 {03:55}
CAM-2 checked. ((concurrent with next transmission))

1225:12 {03:56}
TWR-1 forty six Echo heavy Anchorage tower, cross runway three two, taxi to runway six right.

1225:13 {03:57}
RDO-2 OK, cross three two for six right Japan Air thirty -- forty six Echo heavy.

1225:15 {03:59}
CAM-3 forty two, thats going to be a nice picture.

1225:18 {04:02}
CAM- ((sound similar to electric seat noise))

1225:20 {04:04}
CAM-3 photo opportunity.

1225:24 {04:08}
CAM-? clear. ---

1225:27 {04:11}
TWR-1 Japan Air forty two Echo heavy, cleared for takeoff.

1225:30 {04:14}
JA42 cleared for takeoff, Japan Air forty two Echo heavy.

1225:32 {04:16}
CAM-3 ***** ((simultaneous with previous transmission)) after you
get passed the red line. OK? --- you gotta' get your
priorities right.

1225:40 {04:24}
CAM-1 ya, right.1

225:42 {04:26}
CAM-3 OK, you want **** for me?

1225:44 {04:28}
CAM-1 ya. --- what'd you come up here for?

1225:50 {04:34}

1225:53 {04:37}
CAM-3 ***** this is (best) one right here that I can see.

1225:55 {04:39}

1225:57 {04:41}
CAM-3 there ya go.

1226:01 {04:45}
CAM-1 we are.

1226:19 {05:03}
CAM-2 get both of them in the same picture.

1226:21 {05:05}
CAM-3 I am.

1226:21 {05:05}

1226:24 {05:08}
CAM- ((sound of laughter))

1226:24 {05:08}
CAM-1 do it.

1226:25 {05:091
CAM-3 oh ya I got it, actually.

1226:26 {05:10}
CAM- ((sound of laughter))

1226:29 {05:13}
CAM-3 oh, I got it twice. that's cool. I didn't even see what you're
talking about. I won't get the rotate but those are good
pictures. actually I got more of the little guy than I had of
our plane but it's kinda' of neat for comparison.

1226:45 {05:29}
RDO-? fun stuff, huh?

1226:46 {05:30}
CAM-3 (really)

1226:48 {05:32}
CAM-? priorities.

1226:49 {05:33}
CAM-3 OK, uh, let's see where were we? we did uh, stab trim then
we did INS. how'bout pitot heat?

1226:56 {05:40}
CAM-2 on.

1226:57 {05:41}
TWR-1 Japan Air forty two heavy, contact departure.

1226:58 {05:42}
JA42 forty two Echo, see ya.

1226:59 {05:43}
CAM-3 fuel heat's checked and off, anti-ice?

1227:00 {05:44}
CAM-2 checked and off.

1227:05 {05:49}
CAM-3 shoulder harness?

1227:05 {05:49}
CAM-1 on.

1227:06 {05:50}
CAM-2 on.

1227:07 {05:51}
CAM-3 comin'on. --- takeoff brief?

1227:09 {05:53}
CAM-2 understood.

1227:12 {05:56}
CAM-1 same brief as before, ah, the departure is still eleven miles,
two thousand feet, three hundred and thirty degree
heading, going two zero zero. OK?

1227:21 {06:05}
CAM-3 yep. understood.

1227:23 {06:07}
CAM-2 (roger) ((simultaneous with previous comment))

1227:24 {06:08}
CAM-3 flight instruments?

1227:25 {06:091
CAM-1 checked.

1227:25 {06:09}
CAM-2 checked.

1227:27 {06:11}
CAM-3 taxi check complete.

1227:37 {06:21}
CAM-1 all the, brake temperatures should be right down cool now,

1227:58 {06:42}
CAM-3 * --- ***. that was a cool picture though. I didn't even see
the other guy comin' and I was just looking,'cause all I saw
was the little tube you know and uh, and what I saw my view finder.
all of a sudden he came in there and ****. there's a one forty one piece
of crap or a C-5, one of the two.

1228:22 {07:06}
CAM-2 are you still flying those?

1228:25 {07:09}
CAM-3 ya, I hate'em.

1228:26 {07:10}
CAM-1 Skylifter.

1228:28 {07:12}
CAM-3 it's gross. --- the whole air conditioning system stinks. get off the airplane
you smell like a one forty one. ya, that's what it is.

1228:39 {07:23}
CAM-? ** --- ****

1228:44 {07:28}
CAM-? had a model of a one forty one in there and on the box it said sky lizard.

1228:48 {07:32}
CAM-3 did it really?

1228:49 {07:33}
CAM-? ya.

1228:50 {07:34}
CAM-3 *** huh?***

1229:01 {07:45}
CAM-1 before takeoff to the line.

1229:03 {07:47}
CAM-3 OK. flaps, V speeds, trim?

1229:06 {07:50}
CAM-1 rechecked for six right.

1229:07 {07:51}
CAM-2 checked for six right.

1229:08 {07:52}
TWR-1 Peninsula forty two zero five, gain of three zero knots
reported on departure runway three two prior to rotation
approximately mid field by heavy Boeing 747, pass behind
the heavy C-5 crossing left to right Elmendorf final. caution
wake turbulence. cleared for takeoff.

1229:11 {07:55}
CAM-3 checked. (six right) six right anti-ice? off, INS? ((concurrent
with previous transmission))

1229:11 {07:55}
CAM-1 checked. ((this statement and the two following intermixed
with previous transmission))

1229:15 {07:59}
CAM-2 radio ((concurrent with next statement))

1229:27 {08:11}
CAM-3 ***

1229:28 {08:12}
PNS Peninsula forty two oh five, roger. cleared for takeoff
runway three two.

1229:29 {08:13}
CAM-1 radio three operating.

1229:30 {08:14}
CAM-2 radio three operating.

1229:31 {08:15}
CAM-3 radio three. altitude alert?

1229:35 {08:19}
CAM-1 two zero zero.

1229:36 {08:20}
CAM-2 two zero zero set.

1229:37 {08:21}
CAM-3 APU goin' off. fuel system set for takeoff.

1229:40 {08:24}
TWR-1 eight thirty five Anchorage tower runway six left, cleared to land.

1229:42 {08:26}
835 cleared to land six left eight thirty five.

1229:44 {08:28}
CAM-3 forty two Echo said expect a rough ride. ((concurrent with
previous transmission))

1229:48 (08:32}
CAM-2 Japan Air, forty six Echo heavy is ready.

1229:48 {08:32}
TWR-1 Japan Air forty six Echo heavy Anchorage tower runway six
right, taxi into position and hold. pilot reports severe
turbulence leaving two thousand five hundred, climbing on
the Knick off runway six by a company heavy Boeing 747.

1230:02 {08:46}

1230:06 {08:50}
RDO-2 roger, understood, thank you.

1230:06 {08:50}
CAM-? batten down the hatches folks.

1230:07 {08:51}
CAM-3 we're expecting a rough fide. ((yelled in a loud voice))

1230:09 {08:53}
TWR-1 Japan Air forty six Echo heavy, runway six right, cleared for

1230:13 {08:57}
CAM-3 (reports of) severe turbulence on climbout, I don't what
else is out on that galley now, but we're getting ready to
blast off so just keep an eye out.

1230:19 {09:03}
CAM-? ** aw right.

1230:20 {09:04}
CAM-1 all the way on the check list.

1230:21 {09:05}
CAM-3 all the way.

1230:22 {09:06}
CAM-1 cleared to go.

1230:24 {09:08}
CAM-3 transponder?

1230:25 {09:09}
CAM-2 on, fifteen sixty one.

1230:27 {09:11}
CAM-3 ignition is on, ** air conditioning set, body

1230:35 {09:19}
TWR-1 Peninsula forty two zero five, contact departure,

1230:38 {09:22}
PNS forty two oh five.

1230:53 {09:37}
CAM- ((sound of click))

1230:54 {09:38}
CAM-1 centered disarmed.

1230:55 {09:39}
CAM-3 anunciator panel checked. lights?

1230:56 {09:40}
CAM-1 on.

1230:58 {09:42}
CAM-3 before takeoff check complete.

1230:59 {09:43}
CAM- ((sound of engine power increasing))

1231:02 {09:46}
CAM-1 max power.

1231:02 {09:46}
CAM-3 max power. --- max power is set, and you've got --- ninety
three percent.

1231:23 {10:07}
CAM-1 thanks.

1231:24 {10:08}
CAM-2 eighty knots.

1231:25 {10:09}
CAM-1 checked

1231:31 {l0:15}
CAM-3 **

1231:45 {l0:29}
CAM-2 V 1.

1231:46 {10:30}
CAM-1 *

1231:49 {10:33}
CAM-2 rotate.

1231:51 110:35}
CAM-1 *
1231:52 {l0:36}
CAM-2 V 2.

1231:58 {10:42}
CAM- ((sound of snap, then ratcheting sound similar to stabilizer

1232:00 {10:44}
CAM-2 positive rate.

1232:01 [10:45}
CAM-1 gear up.

1232:02 {10:46}
TWR-1 ---- Twin Otter, midfield winds zero niner zero at one two
runway one four, cleared for takeoff.

1232:17 {11:01}
CAM- ((ratcheting sound similar to stabilizer trim))

1232:18 {11:02}
TWR-1 Japan Air, forty six Echo heavy, contact departure.

1232:20 {11:04}
RDO-2 gooday.

1232:24 {11:08}
DEP-1 Japan Air forty two Echo heavy, turn right heading three five

1232:31 {11:15}
JA42 right turn three five zero, forty two echo.

1232:34 {11:18}
RDO-2 good afternoon Japan Air forty six Echo out of one
thousand for two zero zero.

1232:38 {11:22}
DEP-1 Japan Air forty six Echo heavy Anchorage departure, radar
contact, expect severe turbulence two thousand five
hundred, heavy 747, smooth to moderate, continuous
moderate three thousand through one zero thousand.

1232:51 {11:35}
RDO-2 roger

1232:52 {11:36}
CAM-1 *** thirty knots.

1232:53 {11:37}
CAM-3 yea.

1232:54 {11:38}
CAM-1 max climb power.

1232:55 {11:39}
CAM-3 max climb. ---

1232:57 {11:41}
DEP-1 Japan Air four two Echo heavy, contact Anchorage center,
one three three point seven.

1233:02 {11:46}
JA42 center thirty three seven, bye bye.

1233:04 {l1:48}
CAM-3 ##, hang on guys.

1233:06 {11:50}
CAM-2 left three three zero.

1233:09 {11:53}
CAM-1 flaps five.

1233:12 {l1:56}
CAM-2 flaps five.

1233:12 {11:56}
CAM-1 (flaps up)

1233:13 {11:57}
CAM-3 (flaps up) --- you mean one.

1233:18 {12:02}
CAM-1 forty knot loss.

1233:20 {l2:04}

1233:25 {l2:09}
CAM-1 you didn't put 'em up further, did ya?

1233:27 {12:11}
CAM-2 no no.

1233:28 {l2:12}
CAM-1 **

1233:30 {12:14}
CAM-3 ((sound of laughter)) --- whoa, whoa, whoa.

1233:50 {l2:34}
CAM- ((sound of snap and sound of warning horn))

1233:51 {l2:35}
CAM-3 whoa, whoa, thrust reverser. --- got auto fail. we lost

1233:59 {l2:43}
CAM-2 lost number one and two.

1234:00 {l2:44}
CAM-3 ** generator.

1234:01 {l2:45}
CAM-1 number two's gone.

1234:01 {12:45}
CAM-3 number two engine shut, down. (whoa, whoa)

1234:06 {l2:50}
CAM-6 bank angle, bank angle.

1234:08 {12:52}
CAM-1 alright.

1234:09 {12:53}
CAM- ((sound of continuous horn))

1234:10 {l2:54}
CAM-1 action the emergency.

1234:12 {12:56}
CAM-3 OK, number one ** off.

1234:15 {12:59}
CAM-2 ****

1234:16 {13:00}
CAM-3 two, number two start levers cutoff.

1234:17 {13:01}
DEP-1 Japan Air four six Echo heavy ah, Elmendorf tower said that
something large just fell off your airplane.

1234:21 {13:05}
CAM-? ***

1234:21 {13:05}
CAM- ((horn sound stops))

1234:22 {13:06}
CAM-1 yea, we know it

1234:23 {13:07}

1234:23 {l3:07}
RDO-2 OK, we know that ah, we're ah, declaring an emergency.

1234:28 {13:12}
CAM-2 we know that***---- flaps to one.

1234:28 {13:12}
CAM-? concur.

1234:29 {13:13}
DEP-1 Japan Air four six Echo heavy, will you need to return to

1234:30 {13:14}
CAM-1 we are returning to***

1234:32 {13:16}
RDO-2 standby returning and we are declaring an emergency.

1234:34 {13:18}
DEP-1 Japan Air three four six Echo heavy, turn left heading two
four zero. maintain three thousand, vector ILS runway six
right final approach course.

1234:38 {13:22}
CAM-6 bank angle, bank angle. ((simultaneous with previous

1234:40 {13:24}
CAM-3 OK, hang on.

1234:42 {13:26}
CAM-1 sorry we're****

1234:44 {l3:28}
CAM-3 do you wanna dump fuel?

1234:46 {13:30}
RDO-2 standby one, standby one, we've got an airplane coming' to

1234:47 {13:31}
CAM-? *** dump fuel.

1234:48 {13:32}
CAM-3 verify number two fire handle.

1234:49 {13:33}
DEP-1 yes sir, there's traffic ten o'clock, two miles, three thousand
eight hundred, climbing rapidly.

1234:50 {13:34}
CAM- ((sound of warning horn))

1234:52 {13:36}
CAM-1 we got traffic over***

1234:55 {l3:39}
CAM-3 number two, verify, fire handle.

1234:57 {13:41}
DEP-1 Japan Air four six Echo heavy, that traffic's leaving five
thousand five hundred.

1235:03 {13:47}
CAM-2 number two set.

1235:04 {13:48}
RDO-2 roger, we are, ah, we are

1235:04 {13:48}
CAM-3 pulled. --- we're turning back Anchorage. --- we got two
leading edge devices out on the left side.

1235:10 {13:54}
CAM-1 OK. --- give me manual down on the leading edge.

1235:14 {13:58}
DEP-1 Japan Air four six Echo heavy, descend and maintain one
thousand six hundred. can you use runway one four, it's

1235:15 {13:59}
CAM-3 OK, manual down leading edge.

1235:19 {14:03}
CAM-1 you dumping fuel?

1235:21 {14:05}
RDO-2 roger, standby one please.

1235:23 {14:07}
CAM-3 not yet. --- need some help up here.

1235:25 {14:09}
CAM-1 OK, now OK, give me (your) flaps back.

1235:28 {14:12}
CAM-2 five, five?

1235:30 {l4:14}
CAM-1 five.

1235:31 {14:15}
CAM-2 flaps coming five.

1235:32 {l4:16}
CAM-3 OK, fuel's coming' off.

1235:35 {14:19}
CAM-1 it's secured

1235:37 {l4:21}
CAM-3 OK flaps are coming' down. Number two engine's secured.
fuel dumping is in progress. you wanna dump down to five
eighty five, correct?

1235:46 {l4:30}
CAM-1 we're gonna, well, I'm having a real hard, (you got) LEDs
manual down?

1235:50 {14:34}
CAM-3 manual down, they're in progress.

1235:51 {14:35}
CAM-1 alright we're gettin'

1235:53 {14:37}
CAM-3 you got all but two and three, down at this point. --- watch
my fuel, give me five hundred eighty five landing weight.**
zero fuel**

1236:01 {14:45}
CAM-? **.

1236:02 {14:46}
CAM-2 I think we lost the engine.

1236:04 {14:48}
CAM-3 ya, we lost number two engine.

1236:05 {14:49}
DEP-1 Japan Air four six Echo heavy, say your intentions.

1236:10 {14:54}
CAM-3 *** thirty minutes dump. ((concurrent with next

1236:10 {l4:54}
RDO-2 OK, we, we are ah, we are going to maintain this heading to
ah, we are having problem with our flight controls, and also
ah, speed, standby one.

1236:13 {l4:57}
CAM-1 everybody secured?

1236:14 {14:58}
CAM-3 *** (everybody's) secured.

1236:25 {15:09}
DEP-1 roger, any runway, Japan Air four six Echo heavy, ah, any
runway you need. ((concurrent with next statement))

1236:27 {15:11}
CAM-3 tell me what kinda' gross, what kinda' fuel weight that is,(I
gotta') zero fuel (weight).

1236:32 {l5:16}
CAM-1 are you dumping fuel?

1236:33 {15:17}
CAM-3 ** yes, we are. --- would you like the quick return?

1236:38 {l5:22}
CAM-1 quick return to the line please.

1236:39 {15:23}
CAM-3 OK, quick return, to the line --- landing gear?

1236:43 {15:27}
CAM-2 off, uh,

1236:46 {l5:30}
CAM-1 off.

1236:46 {15:30}
CAM-2 off.

1236:47 {15:31}
CAM-3 I need five eighty five**

1236:51 {15:35}
CAM-1 did we loose ah, LEDs?

1236:52 {15:36}
CAM-3 you got all but number two, number three is down, it's in

1236:55 {15:39}
CAM-1 **

1236:57 {15:41}
CAM-3 OK, quick return. landing gear?

1237:00 {15:44}
CAM-2 ah up, ah (up).

1237:04 {l5:48}
CAM-3 lights out. --- flaps?

1237:06 {l5:50}
CAM-2 flaps are maintaining five degrees.

1237:08 {l5:52}
CAM-3 five degrees and we're waiting on number three LED.
speed brake handle?

1237:12 {15:56}
CAM-2 (forward)

1237:18 {l6:02}
DEP-1 Lion One, Anchorage approach.

1237:19 {l6:03}
CAM-3 that's complete to the line, OK, the emergency from the

1237:22 {16:06}
CAM-1 did you declare an emergency for us?

1237:24 {16:08}
DEP-1 Japan Air four six Echo heavy, are you able to maintain
terrain clearance.

1237:25 {16:09}
CAM-? (OK)

1237:27 {l6:11}
CAM-3 I need that data card. -- thank you.

1237:29 {16:13}
RDO-2 affirmative at this time, and ah, we are maintaining ah,
thirteen hundred.

1237:36 {16:20}
DEP-1 Japan Air four six Echo heavy, roger.

1237:43 {16:27}
RDO-2 four six echo, we are dumping fuel.

1237:43 {l6:27}
DEP-1 Japan Air four six Echo heavy, roger.

1237:47 {16:31}

1237:48 {l6:32}
CAM-1 you did declare an emergency?

1237:49 {l6:33}
DEP-1 Lion zero one, ident. traffic two o'clock, one five miles
southbound, three thousand eight hundred, descending to
three thousand, Boeing seven two seven. verify three
thousand three hundred.

1237:55 {16:39}
CAM-2 yes, affirmative.

1237:55 {16:39}
CAM-3 OK, ah. --- ah roger. can you make a call to Evergreen ops
and ah, check ***

1237:57 {16:41}
CAM-1 we don't need this.

1237:58 {16:42}
CAM-3 I'll just get @ to do it. OK, quick return, the emergency for
the engine shut -- failure. --- from the top.

1238:03 {l6:47}
DEP-1 Lion zero one, that traffic off the left is having control ah,
difficulties. can you tell how much he's lost?

1238:15 {l6:59}
CAM-1 give me some speeds quickly.

1238:16 {17:00}
CAM-3 yes, we are. where the ## is my book? --- OK, speeds
gonna be --- for five eighty five, I believe one forty five.

1238:29 {17:13}
CAM-1 alright. --- how's our weight doing

1238:35 {l7:19}
CAM-3 we got it. *** one thirty nine, one (forty) six. -- I'll get it to
you in a second. don't have time to do it perfect.

1238:44 {17:28}
CAM-1 give me ah, ILS on the ah, radios.

1238:54 {l7:38}
CAM-3 OK, what was the fuel weight? that you came up with.

1238:55 {17:39}
CAM-? (I don't have it)

1238:56 {l7:40}
CAM-3 well we need it now.

1238:58 {l7:42}
DEP-1 Lion one, roger.

1239:01 {17:45}
CAM-1 we're gonna lose number, number one here for

1239:04 {l7:48}
CAM- ((sound of warning horn))

1239:08 {17:52}
CAM-3 ** EGT, high EGT number one.

1239:10 {17:54}
CAM-1 I know it.

1239:12 {l7:56}
DEP-1 Japan Air four six heavy, I have two F-15s off your fight wing
three miles, they have you visually, and if you'd like any
panel inspection they said they get in closer and ah, and
look you over.

1239:23 {l8:07}
CAM-1 yea, go ahead.

1239:25 {18:09}
RDO-2 OK, go ahead.

1239:27 {18:11}
DEP-1 Lion One, they said ah, you can proceed on in and take a
look and see how much damage has been done.

1239:34 {18:18}

1239:40 {18:24}
CAM-2 OK, which runway do you want?

1239:41 {18:25}
CAM-1 (we're gonna) want six right.

1239:44 {18:28}
RDO-2 OK, we'd like the runway six right, this is ah, Japan Air forty
six Echo.

1239:45 {18:29}
CAM-3 in-flight failure check, shutdown check is complete.

1239:46 {18:30}
CAM-1 why am I loosing air speed here?

1239:47 {l8:31}
DEP-1 Japan Air four six Echo heavy, understand turning inbound
to runway six right.

1239:49 {l8:33}
CAM-3 what's the airspeed, oh we got#--- (simultaneous with
previous transmission))

1239:52 {18:36}
DEP-1 Lion, traffic is ah, turning inbound to runway six right now.

1239:58 {l8:42}
CAM-6 one thousand feet

1240:02 {18:46}
CAM-2 OK, you want ah, some ah, some, rudder trim? rudder trim?

1240:08 {18:52}
CAM-1 ** that's not gonna help.

1240:10 {18:54}
CAM-3 ** fuel **

1240:13 {18:57}
CAM-1 let's try to get this thing turned around.

1240:20 {19:04}
CAM-3 these numbers are wrong. one forty five, one fifty one. -- I
don't know, it's back here. *** piece of paper, @ had it.**

1240:25 {l9:09}
CAM-1 ***

1240:27 {19:11}
CAM-2 ***

1240:28 {19:12}
CAM-3 **no, (I mean on like departure), that fuel oil schedule.

1240:33 {19:17}
CAM-2 OK, number two is on VOR. number two needle, ah is on
VOR and can **** VOR.

1240:38 {19:22}
CAM-3 *** cabin.

1240:40 {19:24}
CAM-1 I just want to stay out of the water here you guys.

1240:42 {19:26}

1240:43 {l9:27}
CAM-? ** nothing else.

1240:44 {l9:28}
CAM-1 emergency power.

1240:45 {19:29}
CAM-? OK, I got it.

1240:49 {19:33}
CAM-3 ****** fuel oil slip.

1240:50 {19:34}
CAM-1 *** flaps. well no we can't.

1240:51 {19:35}
CAM-? *** operations.

1240:53 {19:37}
CAM-3 don't worry about the call. I need this bad.

1240:55 {19:39}
CAM-? ***

1240:57 {19:41}
CAM-3 **** fell back on the ***

1240:58 {l9:42}
CAM-2 you want flaps?

1240:59 {l9:43}
CAM-1 no.

1241:00 {l9:44}
CAM-6 too low, gear. ((voice similar to ground proximity warning))

1241:07 {l9:51}
CAM-3 ** hundred feet.---***

1241:09 {19:53}
CAM-2 ***

1241:10 {19:54}
CAM-3 *** fuel weight of seven hundred, right now,

1241:14 {19:58}
CAM-1 how much the airplane weigh?

1241:15 {19:59}
CAM-3 the airplane right now weighs seven hundred, your V
speeds for flaps thirty -- ref speed is ----

1241:28 {20:12}
DEP-1 Lion one, how much can you see and do you have VHF?

1241:32 {20:16}
CAM-? OK, ah,

1241:33 {20:17}
CAM-3 one sixty three --- V ref.

1241:37 {20:21}
CAM-? right, ******

1241:41 {20:25}
CAM-3 ***

1241:43 {20:27}
CAM-1 how much does the airplane weigh, @ ?

1241:46 {20:30}
CAM-3 I'm showin' it weighs six eighty seven, right now.--
(there's) fuel dumping in progress.

1241:52 {20:36}
CAM-1 (we have) to land heavy.

1241:54 {20:38}
CAM-3 OK, land heavy, heavy weight landing for ---

1241:57 {20:41}
DEP-1 understand, ah, he's lost the ah, left (flap) on the left wing?

1242:01 {20:45}
CAM-? we got a fighter over out over here.

1242:01 {20:45}
CAM-3 six eighty five.

1242:02 {20:46}
CAM-2 no, he's looking at, he's looking at us, ya.

1242:03 {20:47}
CAM-3 six eighty five.

1242:05 {20:49}
CAM-1 airight we're going to get**left flap, how much.

1242:06 {20:50}
CAM-? *** rag.

1242:07 {20:51}
CAM-3 what? --

1242:11 {20:55}
CAM-3 ** rag?

1242:11 {20:55}
CAM-3 no, don't worry about it, write, right over it, I don't care.***
that's cool.

1242:13 {20:57}
CAM-1 alright, quick return, below the line.

1242:15 {20:59}
CAM-3 (below)

1242:17 {21:01}
DEP-1 Japan Air four six Echo heavy, you've lost ah, approximately
fifty percent of the leading edge slats on the left wing, and
structural damage to the trailing edge flaps.

1242:19 {21:03}
CAM-3 --- approach brief.---approach briefs understood.---ASI,
EPR, bugs.

1242:27 {21:11}
CAM-1 alright.

1242:28 {21:12}
CAM-2 OK, set.

1242:30 {21:14}
CAM-2 you want to land (on this runway)?

1242:32 {21:16}
CAM-1 I want to land on that runway, right now.

1242:33 {21:17}
CAM-3 OK,*** speeds

1242:34 {21:18}
CAM-2 you want flaps, more flaps?

1242:37 {21:21}
CAM-3 one sixty eight is your thirty ref speed.

1242:39 {21:23}
DEP-1 Japan Air four six Echo heavy, runway six right, cleared to

1242:40 {21:24}
CAM-1 alright. alright. we're landing***

1242:42 {21:26}
CAM-2 we're on six left.

1242:43 {21:27}
RDO-2 cleared to land. ((simultaneous with next comment))

1242:44 {21:28}
CAM-1 discontinue dump.

1242:47 {21:31}
DEP-1 and ah, loss of two zero knots reported on final runway six
right, one thousand two hundred feet, Japan Air four six
Echo heavy.

1242:50 {21:34}
CAM-3 alright, discontinuing dump, and you want gear down?

1242:52 {21:36}
CAM-2 OK, slow down,---you can slow down now.

1242:53 {21:37}
CAM-1 gear down.

1242:53 {21:37}
CAM-3 LED number three never came out.

1242:54 {21:38}
CAM-2 (gear down?)

1242:56 {21:40}
CAM-1 ya, I know, it's gone.

1243:00 {21:44}
CAM-6 glide slope.

1243:01 {21:45}
CAM-? here's the card.

1243:02 {21:46}
CAM-3 OK, thanks.

1243:02 {21:46}
CAM-1 before landing

1243:03 {21:47}
CAM-3 before landing

1243:04 {21:48}
DEP-1 Japan Air four six Echo Heavy, did you copy the wind shear report sir?

1243:05 {21:49}
CAM-3 --- landing gear and tilt?

1243:09 {21:53}
CAM-2 OK, do you wan' more flap, or flap five is OK?

1243:11 {21:55}
CAM-1 we're gonna go

1243:12 {21:56}
CAM-3 landing gear tilt, down and green.

1243:14 {21:58}
CAM-2 huh?

1243:14 {21:58}
CAM-3 tilt checked. no smoking sign on.

1243:06 {21:50}
RDO-2 roger we copy, we are coming for
runway six right.

1243:19 {22:03}
CAM-6 glide slope, glide slope.

1243:21 {22:05}
CAM-3 OK, quick return. ASI, EPR bugs, radio altimeters,
altimeters set, nav radios, tuned and identified, CDls, you
guys are set, INS,

1243:31 {22:15}
DEP-1 Japan Air forty six Echo heavy, all the gear appears to be good.

1243:35 {22:19}
CAM-3 set, VOR ADF selectors?

1243:38 {22:22}
RDO-2 thank you.

1243:40 {22:24}
CAM-3 you got ADF on both, flight instruments, radio no flags, air
condit ---.

1243:41 {22:25}
CAM-? turn it down.

1243:42 {22:26}
CAM-3 no no no, hey, leave it alone, please. --- air conditioning
pressurization set, auto brake landing switch, we got it set
for medium --

1243:51 {22:35}
CAM-2 ***

1243:51 {22:35}
CAM-3 quick return check complete. before landing. landing gear
and tilt, down and green, tilt checked, no smoking sign on

1243:54 {22:38}
CAM-6 terrain --- terrain.

1244:02 {22:46}
CAM-1 zero trim.

1244:03 {22:47}
CAM-2 two hundred feet. zero the trim.

1244:07 {22:51}
CAM-3 speed brake handle.

1244:08 {22:52}
CAM-1 flaps twenty five.

1244:09 {22:53}
CAM-2 flaps are comin' twenty five. flaps is twenty five.

1244:10 {22:54}
CAM-6 one hundred. -- fifty. --thirty.

1244:13 {22:57}
CAM-3 before landing checklist complete.

1244:14 {22:58}
CAM-6 twenty -- ten.

1244:15 {22:59}
CAM-3 hang on guys. -- spoilers extended, reverse available one
two three, or one three four.

1244:22 {23:06}
CAM-2 ***

1244:23 {23:07}
CAM-3 got seventy percent, seventy five.

1244:25 {23:09}
DEP-1 Lion One, advise when he's down ------- Lion One,
wilco and thank you for the assistance.

1244:32 {23:16}
CAM-2 # me.

1244:33 {23:17}
CAM-3 no #.

1244:34 {23:18}
CAM-1 thank you.

1244:36 {23:20}
CAM-3 thank you.---I can't see your speed so uh,

1244:38 {23:22}
CAM-2 ninety.

1244:39 {23:23}
CAM-3 eighty knots.

1244:41 {23:25}
CAM-1 tell that guy thanks for his help.

1244:45 {23:29}
CAM-3 that's cool.

1244:48 {23:32}
CAM-3 OK, we've got thrust reverser lights out.

1244:51 {23:35}
CAM-1 alright, secure***

1244:52 {23:36}
CAM-3 check. sorry for *** stuff like that.

1244:58 {23:42}
CAM-? no problem. no problem.

1244:59 {23:43}
CAM-3 there were just certain priorities we had.

1245:03 {23:47}
CAM-? ya, I couldn't I couldn't find anything***

1245:04 {23:48}
RDO-2 ah, thank you very much tower, this is Evergreen ah, Japan
Air forty six Echo, thanks the fighters for us.

1245:10 {23:54}
CAM-3 ya, I don't know, they (just fell off) onto the left side,***and
all that. ##, a ground abort and an air abort. ---

1245:12 {23:56}
DEP-1 Japan Air four six Echo heavy, and ah, they wish to say you
did a good job an ah, thank you.

1245:17 {24:01}
CAM-3 OK, would you ((laughter)) like, an after landing check? ---

1245:21 {24:05}
DEP-1 Japan Air four six Echo heavy, contact Anchorage ground
one two one point niner.

1245:23 {24:07}
RDO-2 thank you and roger good day.

1245:24 {24:08}
CAM-3 now that number three didn't come out, he lost all his
instruments over there.

1245:29 {24:13}
CAM-2 oh, thank you very much.

1245:30 {24:14}
CAM-3 thanks @, buddy. --- I don't care how much, you, I, how
many beers I owe you in the past. this one I'm going to pay
off on. OK?

1245:39 {24:23}
RDO-2 and ground, Japan Air forty six Echo heavy.

1245:41 {24:25}
GND-1 Japan Air four six Echo heavy, Anchorage ground.

1245:47 {24:31}
CAM-1 OK. did we get **** we're not dumping fuel?

1245:48 {24:32}
CAM-3 no, it's secured.

1245:49 {24:33}
RDO-2 OK, we just cleared the runway.

1245:50 {24:34}
GND-1 Japan Air four six Echo heavy, taxi to parking. say your gate

1245:51 {24:35}
RDO-2 roger, Romeo ten, and ah, it's very very extremely heavy
turbulence, on ah, our takeoff on the left turn.

1245:53 {24:37}
CAM-3 ***

1246:01 {24:45}
GND-1 roger, taxi to Romeo ten.

1246:04 {24:48}
CAM-1 ***

1246:05 {24:49}
CAM-3 aye, aye Captain. --- flaps maybe??

1246:08 {24:52}
CAM-1 we ripped off some flaps and stuff.

1246:12 {24:56}
CAM-2 flaps and leading edge.

1246:13 {24:57}
CAM-3 we did some damage****

1246:16 {25:00}
CAM-1 lotsa parts missing out there.

1246:18 {25:02}
CAM-3 good job guys, both of ya.

1246:22 {25:06}
CAM-1 thank you for your help. sorry we got disorganized.

1246:24 {25:08}
CAM-3 OK, should we do some of the others, after landing? I'm
gonna to turn the probe heat and all that kind of stuff off

1246:31 {25:15}
CAM-1 ya, go ahead I got the spoilers***

1246:32 {25:16}
CAM-3 that was cool, that fighter out there takin' our pictures.

1246:36 {25:20}
CAM-1 I think you'll, did we lose number two engine?

1246:38 {25:22}
CAM-3 yes we did.

1246:41 {25:25}
CAM-2 no -- huh? ya, wait a minute.

1246:42 {25:26}
CAM-3 we lost it. we lost number two engine.

1246:43 {25:27}
CAM-2 lost or **--

1246:45 {25:29}
CAM-3 I don't know.

1246:47 {25:31}
CAM-1 #, I had a hard time gettin' this thing trimmed enough**

1246:48 {25:32}
CAM-3 jeez, that bank angle and stuff, man, that was like crazy.

1246:51 {25:35}
CAM-1 I was goin' full full right rudder to get recover the bank.

1246:54 {25:38}
CAM-3 OK, I admit it now. I was scared.

1246:57 {25:41}
CAM-1 we were all scared
1246:58 {25:42}
CAM-3 OK. after the landing**

1247:00 {25:44}
CAM-? it was a nice landing too you guys.

1247:02 {25:46}
CAM- ((sound of laughter))

1247:06 {25:50}
CAM-3 it was very nice. --- after landing, body gear steering?

1247:06 {25:50}
CAM-1 never got turned on.

1247:10 {25:54}
CAM-3 that's OK. it did now. -- auto brake switch, is off, speed
brake handle?

1247:13 {25:57}
CAM-1 forward detent.

1247:14 {25:58}
CAM-3 flaps we're leaving down, lights, set for taxi, radar standby
all that crap. --- Anchorage has had a hell of a morning, the
fire department, huh?

1247:34 {26:18}
CAM-1 ah, tell 'em that we did get severe turbulence at twenty five
hundred feet (today).

1247:35 {26:19}
CAM-3 severe. enough to blow us into a forty five fifty degree
bank angle.
1247:40 {26:24}
CAM-1 ya. -- I'll, I'll talk to them. that's alright.

1247:42 {26:26}

1247:43 {26:27}
CAM-3 ignition is off, window heat off, pressurization checked ---
forty five, pressurization checked, hydraulics and brakes.

1247:54 {26:38}
CAM-1 how are the brakes?

1247:55 {26:39}
CAM-3 um.

1247:56 {26:40}
CAM-1 they gotta be hot.

1247:58 {26:42}
CAM-3 I'm sure they must be. um, ya, they're hot.--all your left
sides are really hot.

1248:05 {26:49}
CAM-? we don't have the number two engine.

1248:06 {26:50}
CAM-3 that's what I thought.

1248:07 {26:51}
CAM-1 alright, I want somebody to talk to ops.

1248:08 {26:52}
CAM-3 we lost the engine.

1248:10 {26:54}
CAM-1 just a minute.

1248:10 {26:54}
CAM-? it's gone.

1248:11 {26:55}
CAM-1 I want somebody to talk to ops.

1248:12 {26:56}
CAM-3 I got it.

1248:14 {26:58}
CAM-1 tell 'em that we got really hot brakes on the airplane.

1248:16 {27:00}

1248:17 {27:01}
CAM-1 so, ***

1248:18 {27:02}
CAM-2 ***

1248:18 {27:02}
RDO-3 Evergreen ops, Japan Air four six Echo.

1248:21 {27:05}
EVV-1 four six Echo Evergreen ops, go ahead.

1248:24 {27:08}
RDO-3 we did indeed lose number two engine and we have very
hot brakes on the left side of the aircraft. how copy?

1248:32 {27:16}
CAM-? yep, we sure as ## shucked number two engine, it's gone.

1248:34 {27:18}
EVV-1 copy all. you on the blocks now?

1248:35 {27:19}
RDO-3 ah negative, we're taxiing in I just wanted you to warn
maintenance that the brakes on the left side are indeed very
hot. ******.

1248:45 {27:29}
EVV-1 OK, copy all. thanks

1248:51 {27:35}
CAM-3 OK, somebody can kiss me and tell me I'm still here***

1248:53 {27:37}
CAM-1 I'll kiss you in a minute here @,****

1248:55 {27:39}
CAM-3 OK. you got it.

1248:57 {27:41}
CAM-1 saved my butt.

1248:58 {27:42}
CAM-3 OK, everybody did.

1249:01 {27:45}
CAM-1 ***** had this problem **** and it didn't get any better**
turbulence ****

1249:05 {27:49}
CAM-3 I want pictures. --- um, what were we doing? --- guess we
can crank the APU.

1249:18 {28:02}
CAM-1 go ahead and get the APU running.

1249:22 {28:06}
CAM-2 I asked them to come closer.

1249:24 {28:08}
CAM-3 number four's steady, number one hydraulics?

1249:31 {28:15}
CAM-? the the gauge is just going in circles**

1249:34 {28:18}
CAM-3 OK. that was like, look at his gauges ** I'm just gonna
crank the APU and we'll see what happens ------ it's out
over the water at least hopefully. no actually, it's over
Anchorage somewhere. we took off on six left and hit all
that # ****

1249:41 {28:25}
CAM-1 OK, uh, everybody.

1250:03 {28:47}
CAM-3 yes.

1250:05 {28:49}
CAM-1 we need to gart start gettin' our story right so we can start
detailing everything that happened.

1250:08 {28:52}
CAM-3 OK, let's, do you wanna get blocked in first, or, do you
wanna do it now?

1250:11 {28:55}
CAM-1 *** just thinking about it, no we're gonna get blocked in,
and everything secured so we won't catch the ## on fire
from the brakes.

1250:17 {29:01}
CAM-3 it was eighteen hundred feet is where we first started
catching the # is what I saw. APU is start, check. Now we
got indications all over the place it's real weird #.

1250:30 {29:14}
CAM-1 ya, well

1250:32 {29:16}
CAM-3 including a wing overheat on the left side. can we turn off
the air?

1250:37 {29:21}
CAM-1 I don't, I don't know if the turbulence ripped that engine
loose or ***.

1250:40 {29:24}
CAM-2 it did. I think****

1250:43 {29:27}
CAM-1 **** or it the engine blew and.

1250:47 {29:31}
CAM-2 they want the other one, the other one.

1250:49 {29:331
CAM-1 turn off **** number one.

1250:53 {29:37}
CAM-3 number one, it's two ADPs are comin' off. we've got a wing
overheat. I'm taking all the air off the left wing. OK?

1250:59 {29:43}
CAM-1 I'm sure we do. I'm sure we do. --- isolate the wing, please.

1251:07 {29:51}
CAM-3 ya, it's isolated and ah, I'm gonna wait on the APU and all
that crap.

1251:08 {29:52}
CAM-2 you're lucky that that one didn't take the number one out.

1251:10 {29:54}
CAM-1 yes, yes. we're real lucky. with all the parts that came off

1251:16 {30:00}
CAM-3 I think everybody here is going to get their medical****
good thing no one drank last night, huh?

1251:23 {30:07}
CAM-1 that's right.

1251:28 {30:12}
CAM-3 OK, I don't know what you want****

1251:31 {30:15}
CAM-1 tell me to turn left,

1251:34 {30:18}
RDO-3 Evergreen ops, we're going to need a power unit out here.
we got overheat on the left wing also and we don't want to
crank the APU so bring us the ground power unit.

1251:39 {30:23}
CAM-1 I can turn left all day. ((simultaneous with previous
transmission)) down one and four.

1251:47 {30:31}
RDO-3 OK, thanks.

1251:49 {30:33}
CAM-3 um, I don't know, I don't have the APU cranked because of
that wing leading edge overheat.

1251:52 {30:36}
CAM-1 we gotta get these brakes off

1251:54 {30:38}
CAM-3 OK. -- copy. -- number one and four comin' down. power's
comin' off .

1251:57 {30:41}
INT-1 OK, you got the chocks in?

1251:59 {30:43}
INT-7 chocks are in.

1252:02 {30:46}
INT-1 OK, we don't have an APU, we're powerin' it down right
now. ah, brakes are very very hot.

1252:06 {30:50} --- power's coming off.
CAM-3 OK, comin down three and four.

1252:10 {30:54}
INT-7 copy that. you guys did a good job gettin' it in here.

1252:12 {30:56}
CAM-2 number one radio can be on.

1252:13 {30:57}
INT-1 well, I didn't think it'd make it.




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