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31 July 2008 - East Coast Jets 81

East Coast Jets Flight 81, a BAe 125-800, N818MV, departed Atlantic City (ACY) at 08:13 EDT on a flight to Owatonna (OWA).

The airplane was cleared for an approach to runway 30. Runway 30 is a 1676 x 30 m (5500 x 100 ft) ILS equipped, concrete runway.

The crew apparently decided to execute a go around. Eyewitnesses reported that the plane struck aerials. It came down 2400 feet past the runway end and cut a swath through a corn field.

Weather at Owatonna at 09:55 included: wind 170 degrees at 6 knots, broken clouds at 3700 feet, temperature 19 degrees C, pressure 29.83.

Download the Cockpit Voice Recorder transcript


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