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28 April 1993 - GP Express Airlines

While on a proficiency check flight both pilots attempted to perform a barrel roll (a prohibited aerobatics maneuver). The Beechcraft C-99, registration N115GP, struck the ground shortly before completion of the roll.

PROBABLE CAUSE: "The deliberate disregard for Federal Aviation Regulations, GP Express procedures, and prudent concern for safety by the two pilots in their decision to execute an aerobatic maneuver during a scheduled check ride flight, and the failure of GP Express management to establish and maintain a commitment to instill professionalism in their pilots consistent with the highest levels of safety necessary for an airline operating scheduled passenger service."

Download the full NTSB report

Transcript of the Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR)

PF Pilot Flying
PNF Pilot Not Flying (Check pilot)
* Unidentifiable word or words
# Expletive
? Unsure of origin
[] Editorial insertion


2345:21 PF That's as official as we get tonight
2345:22 PNF That's right
2345:51 PF Lazy eights in the ninety nine
2349:16 PF [It is] our desire to see the world turn upside down and then right itself again.
2349:31 PNF How would this be?
2349:33 PF By doing what we're just doing but keepin' going.
2349:36 PNF Have you done such a thing.
2349:37 PF No.
2349:39 PNF I've not either. I've never rolled an airplane.
2349:42 PF You never rolled any airplane?
2349:43 PNF Zero point zero.
2349:45 PF Well #, never rolled a ninety nine.
2349:51 PNF Done a four oh two?
2349:52 PF Nope. One fifty two's, one seventy two's. That's when I knew it was time to get out of instructing. Those slugs, they don't roll very well at all. We were doing aileron rolls where you just sit like this and just crank, and they come round kinda hard. The barrel roll's a lot easier on, uh, they don't have enough poop to barrel roll, one seventy two's not too bad, just where you's kinda nose down I guess we've got enough speed right now and you just kinda start coming in like this, pullin' up.
2350:28 PF And keep positive G's on it. Take it all the way around, unload.
2350:35 PF And then point straight for the ground.
    End of recording
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