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25 May 2000 - Air Liberte 8807

Shorts 330 G-SSWN was operating a mailflight (Streamline 200) from Paris CDG to Luton. The crew were cleared to depart cargo stand N51 and proceed to runway 27 at 02.38h. Around the same time Air Liberté Flight 8807 (an MD-83, F-GHED) also taxied to runway 27 for a flight to Madrid.

At 02.44h the Charles de Gaulle ground controller asked Streamline 200 if they wished to enter runway 27 at an intermediate taxiway; the crew asked for and were granted to enter Taxiway 16. At 02.50:49h the tower controller cleared the MD-83 for takeoff: "Liberté 8807, autorisé au décollage 27, 230 , 10 à 15 kts.". The controller then immediately told the Shorts to line up and wait: "Stream Line two hundred line up runway 27 and wait, number two". As the MD-83 was travelling down the runway, the Shorts started to taxi onto the runway. At a speed of about 155kts the left wing of MD-83 slashed through the cockpit of the Shorts plane; the MD-83 abandoned takeoff.

Transcript of the Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR)

LegendaSSW200- Radio transmission of Streamline
LIB8807 - Radio transmission of Air Liberté
Captain - Voice identified as Air Liberté Captain (left seat)
First Officer - Voice identified as Air Liberté First Officer (right seat)
ATC - Air Traffic Control
(italics) - editorial comments


time source content
00.38:20 SSW200->ATC Ground good evening Streamline 200 November fifty one requesting taxi
00.38:25 Captain Streamline 200 taxi holding point 27
00.38:28 SSW200->ATC Taxi holding point 27 Streamline 200
00.44:24 SSW200->ATC Streamline 200 do you wish an intersection for departure
00.44:27 Captain intersection 16 yeh
00.44:27 SSW200->ATC Intersection 16 please Streamline 200
00.44:31 ATC->SSW200 Say again please
00.44:33 First Officer Got it yeh got it
00.44:33 ATC->SSW200 Streamline 200 say again your errh... your intentions
00.44:40 SSW200->ATC Errh, we would like to take intersection 16 for 27. (F/O asks permission to enter runway 27 through taxiway 16)
00.44:43 ATC->SSW200 That's fine so 16 is approved Streamline 200
00.47:10 ATC->LIB8807 Liberté 8807 de Gaulle tower on 119 25 good luck (Tower frequency is 119.25 Mhz)
00.47:15 LIB8807->ATC Yes 119 25 and err thanks a lot
00.47:47 ATC->LIB8807 Liberte 8807 de Gaulle?
00.47:50 LIB8807->ATC Yes hello again sorry sir
00.47:52 ATC->LIB8807 8807 you're welcome err I confirm a departure on Eagle 8 Bravo (Eagle 8 Bravo is the departure procedure for runway 26R)
00.47:57 Captain 8 Bravo that's another thing
00.47:59 LIB8807->ATC on 27 8 Bravo?
00.48:01 ATC->LIB8807 8807 that will be a departure on Eagle 8 Bravo
00.48:09 LIB8807->ATC Err roger 8807
00.48:12 Captain What's the difference?
00.48:14 LIB8807->ATC Err sorry err we are lined up on 27 here?
00.48:19 ATC->LIB8807 My mistake 8807 it is the 27 and it will be a departure on Eagle 8 Alpha
00.48:23 LIB8807->ATC 8 Alpha okay it's it's no problem
00.48:25 Captain Yeh yeh
00.48:27 First Officer So it's 8 Alpha (*)
00.48:27 Captain It ... it ... it's tough for everyone
00.48:29 ATC->LIB8807 Liberté 8807 report a 737 on short final in sight on 27
00.48:33 LIB8807->ATC We have an aircraft on final and if it's a 737 we we can see it sir
00.48:37 ATC->SSW200 Streamline 200 monitor tower 119 25
00.48:38 ATC->LIB8807 Liberté 8807 behind the traffic on short final to 27 you line up behind and wait
00.48:41 SSW200->ATC 119 25 Streamline 200
00.48:42 LIB8807->ATC After the traffic on final if it's a 37 we line up and hold position runway 27 Liberté 8807
00.48:54 Captain Cabin crew take-off in two minutes
00.49:02 Captain Go ahead take-off
00.49:03 First Officer If it's a 37 before checklist
00.49:15 First Officer (*) where were we before
00.49:20 First Officer before take-off engine ignition
00.49:23 Captain On err 'off' on 'on' sorry ha
00.49:28 First Officer Annunciator panels
00.49:30 Captain Checked
00.49:31 Captain Beacons
00.49:32 First Officer On
00.49:32 Captain You also have to watch the stops here as well cause you go by some you think there's one further down because you're quite a way from the runway I mean you end up the wrong side of the stops
00.49:33 First Officer Radar
00.49:33 Captain On
00.49:34 First Officer Brake temperature
00.49:36 Captain err... 50
00.49:39 First Officer 60 passenger announcements (*) that would be (*) 1500 and a bit
00.49:40 First Officer Yah
00.49:42 Captain That's done we are on auto ... we're cleared to line up eh
00.49:45 First Officer And we hold position
00.49:46 Captain Err ah yes okay
00.49:47 First Officer Yes we hold
00.49:51 First Officer So you see it's not in the check list that when you are taxiing eh the RAT
00.49:55 Captain No
00.49:56 First Officer There's nothing eh if you don't see like
00.49:57 Captain We shouldn't depart we've only seen it in the air eh
00.50:00 Captain That's on standby (on that side)
00.50:04 Captain Okay? When we're in the air there's no more MEL eh
00.50:12 First Officer For the return
00.50:12 Captain Eh?
00.50:13 First Officer For the return
00.50:15 Captain Ah you want... you who wanted to do some raw data you'll get your way
00.50:19 (laughing)
00.50:21 First Officer And we're on it overall eh
00.50:23 Captain You can
00.50:28 Captain take-off
00.50:30 First Officer the NAV
00.50:31 Captain Nav
00.50:35 First Officer Checking centre line
00.50:35 Captain 140 armed...
00.50:35 Captain Sitting on the runway
00.50:36 First Officer That's the runway up there is it
00.50:38 Captain Yeh
00.50:38 Captain ... and take-off the check list is completed
00.50:39 Captain I thought he just landed (referring to the Boeing 737 that has just landed)
00.50:41 First Officer Check list complete
00.50:42 First Officer Yeeh
00.50:44 Captain So there are...
00.50:45 First Officer (*) 375
00.50:46 Captain We're in manual eh 98
00.50:48 First Officer 56
00.50:49 ATC->LIB8807 Liberté 8807 cleared for take-off 27, 230 10-15 knots (wind 230 degrees, windspeed 10 to 15 knots)
00.50:53 LIB8807->ATC Taking off on 27 Liberté 8807
00.50:57 ATC->SSW200 Streamline 200 line up runway 27 and wait number 2
00.50:58 Captain Are you ready.. are you ready?
00.51:01 First Officer I'm ready
00.51:01 SSW200->ATC Line up runway 27 and wait Streamline 200
00.51:07 First Officer OK
00.51:11 Captain Where's the number one is he the number one (asks if the Boeing 737 that has just landed was meant to be number 1)
00.51:18 Captain Are all the windows closed?
00.51:19 Captain OK I'll go below the line with the checks (*)(they start to taxy past the stop towards the runway)
00.51:22 First Officer Going below the line then uh transponder
00.51:24 First Officer Coming on
00.51:27 First Officer Top
00.51:29 First Officer Landing lights strobes
00.51:32 First Officer Landing lights and strobes on
00.51:35 First Officer Flying controls well CWP's clear
00.51:39 Captain Yeh right it's not actually 'cos you've stil got the controls in sir
00.51:41 Captain Yeh uh ha yeh
  First Officer Yeh past that so it's controls (but) fuel
  Captain OK
00.51:45 Captain Can you see anything down there
00.51:45 First Officer 100 knots
00.51:45 Captain Top 100 knots
00.51:47 Captain Checked
00.51:47 First Officer No I can't
00.51:51 First Officer Unless there's one coming out in front
00.51:53 Captain How about now (he wants to enter the runway)
00.51:57 First Officer V one (take off decision speed)
00.51:59 First Officer V R (rotation speed)
00.52:00 Captain Oh shit
00.52:01 First Officer Oh shit
00.52:01 First Officer Shit
00.52:02 COLLISION  
00.52:07 Synthetic Voice Speed brake speed brake speed brake
00.52:22 LIB8807->ATC Ground from Liberté 8807 we have just hit another aircraft on taxi... on take-off.
00.52:29 ATC->LIB8807 Confirm that you have hit an aircraft Liberté 8807
00.52:32 LIB8807->ATC Affirmative
00.52:34 Captain An STOL
00.52:34 ATC->LIB8807 8807, copy. Do you want the emergency services?
00.52:37 Captain Yes... we're going to vacate at the next eh
00.52:39 LIB8807->ATC Yes... we're going to vacate
00.52:42 ATC->LIB8807 8807 do you have any damage?
00.52:44 Captain Ah yes eh eh
00.52:44 LIB8807->ATC Certainly on the wing sir yes
00.52:46 ATC->LIB8807 Can you still taxi?
00.52:47 LIB8807->ATC We're going to taxi sir... we're vacating ... we're alerting our cabin crew
00.52:51 ATC->LIB8807 8807 you can vacate at the end.
00.52:55 LIB8807->ATC Vacating at the end and it was a Shorts sir
00.52:57 Captain A Shorts eh
00.52:58 LIB8807->ATC Which came onto the runway
00.53:01 ATC->LIB8807 Roger
00.53:05 First Officer Will you make the announcement?
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