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21 December 1994 - Air Algerie 702P

Air Algérie/Phoenix Flight 702P, ship name Oasis, registration 7T-VEE, was a Boeing 737 owned by Air Algérie and leased by Phoenix Aviation which crashed on 21 December 1994 on landing at Coventry, United Kingdom. All five on board were killed.

The Boeing 737 had been leased by Phoenix Aviation in order to operate a series of live animal export flights from the UK to France and the Netherlands. On December 21, at 06.42h the plane departed from Amsterdam for a flight to Coventry. Weather at Coventry worsened and when arriving near Coventry, the RVR for runway 23 was 700m. The aircraft was not able to receive the Coventry runway 23 ILS as its dual navigation receiver system was not to an updated 40 channel ILS standard, so an SRA approach was flown. The radar guidance was completed at 0,5mls from touchdown; the commander decided to discontinue the approach and execute a go-around. A holding pattern was then taken up at 07.44h. While holding, the RVR further reduced to 600m and the flight diverted to East Midlands to wait on the ground for weather improvement. The aircraft landed there at 08.08h.

At around 09.00h weather conditions improved to 1200m visibility and an overcast cloud base at 600ft. The flight departed East Midlands at 09.38h and climbed to FL40. Approaching Coventry, the crew received radar vectors for a runway 23 approach. After some initial confusion about the heading (the controller wanted the crew to turn left for 010deg, while the crew understood 100deg) the turn was continued to 260deg and the SRA approach started at 12mls from touchdown.

The aircraft descended below the Minimum Descent Height (MDH) for the approach procedure and collided with an 86ft high (291ft ams) electricity transmission tower (pylon) which was situated on the extended centreline of the runway, some 1.1mls from the threshold. The collision caused major damage to the inboard high lift devices on the left wing and the left engine. The consequent loss of lift on the left wing and the thrust asymmetry, caused the aircraft to roll uncontrollably to the left. When passing through a wings vertical attitude, the left wingtip impacted the gable end of a house. The aircraft continued rolling to an inverted attitude and impacted the ground in an area of woodland close to the edge of the housing conurbation. An intense fire ensued.

Download the full AAIB report

Transcript of the Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR)

COV = Coventry ATCP1 = Captain
P2 = First Officer
702P = Radio contact with Coventry
Words spoken in French or Arabic are in Italic letters


Time to accident Source Contents
  COV Seven zero two papa we'll be taking you through the final approach track for spacing
6:44 P1 Flaps
  P2 One
    [Sound of lever buzzer]
  COV Seven zero two papa are you able to take up the ILS at Coventry now or would you like an SRA
  702P Ah sorry confirm your message please
6:30 COV Roger could you turn left immediately now onto a heading of zero one zero initally please
  702P We have presently heading zero one zero
  COV Roger at the moment you're tracking one zero zero can you turn left zero one zero please
  P2 Zero one zero
  702P Roger
6:15 P2 Flaps five
    [Pitch trim]
  P1 Zero ten the heading
  P1 Heading two hundred thirty
5:54 P1 If we concentrate we can get it
  P1 The problem is no ILS
    [Noise of engine power increase to 70%]
5:45 P2 Flaps ten
5:32 COV ACE cargo seven zero papa continue the left turn now onto radar heading of two six zero
  702P Roger we turn left heading two six zero seven zero two papa
  P1 If we can't get it go around and we try again
  P1 If we give attention to the fuel
    [Power reduced from 63% to 53%]
    [Power increase to 65%]
4:40 COV And seven zero two papa approximately twelve nautical miles now to run for surveillance radar approach ruway two three that approach terminates at two nautical miles from touchdown check your minima and missed approach point
  702P Er- roger madam er could you give aah cooperation with ah S R E - er - approach
  COV Rogee surveillance radar approach for runway two three
    [Power reduction 65% to 60%]
  702P Roger thank you because we are not reading the ILS
4:02 COV That's all copied thank you very much you're ten miles from touchdown now at your convenience check your wheels you're closing the final approach track very gently from the left
    [Increased background noise]
3:53 702P Okay we are gear down
3:50 COV Thank you
  P2 Flaps fifteen
    [Sound of lever movement ]
    [Power increased to 70%]
  P2 Check - three greens
  702P Distance to for touchdown ah - seven zero two papa
3:31 COV Roger miles from touchdown now nine track miles niner track miles from touchdown
  702P Roger
  COV You can expect further descent to maintain a three degree glidepath at four and a half miles from touchdown I'll keep you advised
  702P Okay thank you very much
3:11 P2 We can see the ground
  P1 Eh
  P2 We can see the ground
  P1 From time to time
  P1 It's not always the case
  P2 In patches
  P2 It's in patches
  P1 Otherwise we come here and try to get below cloud
2:57 COV Seven zero two papa is very slightly left of track closing very gently
  702P Er - would you want we turn right heading two seven zero
  COV Negative if you continue on that heading you will be on the final approach track by six miles
  702P Roger
  P1 Look at ADF one
2:34 COV Seven zero two papa turn left now two four zero the radar heading final approach tack
  702P Roger seven zero two papa turn left on two four zero
    [Engine 62%-64%, pitch trim]
  P1 Turn turn turn two hundred and forty
2:11 COV Turn further left now two three zero the heading two three zero
  702P Turn left two three zero
  P1 Quickly
  P1 One hundred and fifty
    [Sound of power increase to 74%]
1:55 P1 Put on five degrees more to the left
1:52 COV And you're six miles from touchdown now QFE check one zero one three nicely on the final approach track the heading good
  702P Roger
    [Clicking of pitch trim]
  COV Five and a half miles from touchdown two three zero the heading on track
    [Power reduction 72%-67%]
1:44 COV Turn right five degrees two three five five from touchdown two three five is the heading commence descent now to maintain a three degree glidepath, you
1:28 COV should be leaving height one thousand five hundred feet. Two three five is the radar heading on track four and a half miles from touchdown height one four zero zero feet
1:21 COV two three five the radar heading turn furthre right radar heding two four zero four miles from touchdown your height should be on one two five zero feet two four
1:09 COV zero the heading
    [Multiple clicking]
  COV Three and a half miles from touchdown
1:01 COV Your height should be one thousand one hundred feet
  COV Two four zero the radar heading very very gently left of track and closing gently two four zero the heading
0:48 COV Three miles from touchdown your height should be nine five zero feet
    [Pitch trim]
  COV On track turn left heading two three eight two three eight the heading two and a half miles from touchdown your height should be eight zero zero feet
    [Power increase]
0:26 COV Two three eight you're cleared to land runway two three the surface wind variable less than five knots
0:23 COV Two miles from touchdown your height should be six five zero zero feet check minimum descent height on track the heading good two three eight the radar heading
  COV You are cleared to landd
  COV Turn further right two four zero
  COV Drifting very slightly left of track
  COV Two four zero two four zero is the radar heading nicely on track now
  COV The heading is good
0:01 P1/2 Exclamation

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