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19 November 1999 - Air France 1336

As the aircraft, an Air France B737-300 with registration F-GRFA, taxied to lign up, ATC gave the clearance for take-off. The captain pushed the thrust-levers forward, and activated the auto-throttles. From the start of the acceleration, the aircraft made a swing to the right that the first-officer could not counter with the rudder.
The captain reduced the thrust on the left-engine, which made the aircraft swing to the left of the centerline. The captain made another opposing movement with the thrust-levers in order to line up the aircraft again but it was already stuck in the mud on the left-hand side of the runway.

The passengers left the aircraft safely by means of steps which were brought along by the ground service staff.

Transcript of the Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR)

Cap = Captain
FO = First Officer
ATC = Air Traffic Control
AM = Area Microphone
>> = communications directed to ATC
(*) = unknown words

09:13:50 ATC Air France thirteen thirty-six, runway twenty-six right, three hundred thirty degrees ten knots, cleared take-off

09:13:55 Cap >> we're taking-off 26 right, AF 1336
AM (VS) TCAS system test okay

09:13:59 FO so, euh good

09:14:00 Cap so, we are ready for take-off

09:14:02 FO yeah

09:14:03 FO you finished the checklist or not
Cap (*)

09:14:05 Cap yeah, master warning panel

09:14:06 FO yeah
Cap (*) TCAS

09:14:07 FO yeah

09:14:08 FO but (*)

09:14:10 FO we are ready and cleared

09:14:13 Cap (*) arm and (*) T O we have consumed 20 kilos

09:14:16 FO yeah

09:14:17 Cap (*)

09:14:18 FO well, we do not stop

09:14:20 Cap no, we do not stop, it's good

09:14:27 AM change of engine speed

09:14:30 FO (*)
Cap (*) set

09:14:32.00 AM 'rubbing' noise

09:14:32.12 AM 'rubbing' noise stops
09:14:32.18 FO rolling

09:14:33.09 AM noise of impact and 'rubbing'

09:14:33.19 AM noise similar to slamming of throttles

09:14:35.18 AM end of 'rubbing' noise

09:14:36.03 FO (*)

09:14:36.15 AM noise of selectors movement (1.4 sec)

09:14:37.10 Cap (*)

09:14:39.00 AM increasing engine noise

09:14:41.02 AM end of increasing engine noise

09:14:41.18 AM very strong 'rubbing' noise

09:14:44.04 AM end of 'rubbing noise

09:14:4413 AM impact

09:14:45.09 AM vibrations that could correspond to leaving runway

09:14:47.00 FO hey shit

09:14:47.20 AM noise similar to slamming throttles

09:14:48.05 AM end of vibrations and engine noise decreasing

09:14:48.13 AM noise similar to slamming throttles

09:14:51.00 AM end of engine noise

09:14:52.16 FO (*)

09:14:53.07 Cap (*)
AM 'rotating' noise

09:14:56.20 FO (*)

09:15:00.00 FO (*)
Cap it's cut

09:15:01.04 Cap >> Mayday Mayday Mayday, AF 1336 we are on the runway
AM selectors noise

09:15:02 AM end of 'rotating' noise

09:15:03 AM selectors noise
09:15:04 ATC we have seen, the fire-crews are arriving
AM selector noise

End of recording

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