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16 February 2000 - Emery Worldwide 17

Emery Worldwide Airlines flight 17, a Douglas DC-8-71 (N8079U), on a scheduled cargo flight from Sacramento Mather Airport to Dayton, Ohio, with three crew members aboard, crashed shortly after take-off. The aircraft was destroyed by impact forces and post-crash fire; there were no survivors

Emery Flight 17 had just departed Sacramento-Mather Airport runway 22L when the crew reported balance problems. A little later the aircraft was seen to crash in a left wing low, nose low attitude, into the Insurance Auto Auctions salvage yard, setting fire to 100-200 cars. Debris cut a swath about 250 yards wide and a 600yds long. The plane's cargo included clothing, transmission fluid and a small amount of 9 grams fuses used to activate automobile air bags.

The NTSB is focusing on the possibility that a push rod in an elevator control tab may have been separated from the control system of the plane before impact.


Transcript of the Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR)

LegendaCAM-1 = Voice identified as CaptainCAM-2 = Voice identified as First OfficerCAM-3 = Voice identified as Flight EngineerRDO-1 = Radio transmission by Captain APR= Sacramento TRACON


Time Source Content
19:48:24 CAM-3 four spooled.
19:48:40 CAM-1 set reduced.
19:48:44 CAM-1 airspeed's alive.
19:48:44 CAM-2 alive here.
19:48:45 CAM [ sound of two clicks, first louder than second]
19:48:50 CAM-1 eighty knots.
19:48:51 CAM-2 eighty knots...
19:48:52 CAM [ sound of two clunks, first softer than second]
19:48:53 CAM-2 ... elevator checks.
19:48:54 CAM [sound of two clunks, first louder than second]
19:48:55 CAM [sound of ratcheting noise, ending with clunk]
19:48:57 CAM [sound of clunk]
19:49:02 CAM-1 V one.
19:49:06 CAM-1 rotate.
19:49:08 CAM [sound similar to stabilizer trim in motion alert]
19:49:08 CAM-1 **(go)...
19:49:09 CAM [sound similar to stabilizer trim in motion alert]
19:49:09 CAM-1 ... watch the tail.
19:49:11 CAM [sound similar to stabilizer trim in motion alert]
19:49:12 CAM [sound similar to stabilizer trim in motion alert]
19:49:13 CAM-1 V two.
19:49:14 CAM [sound similar to stabilizer trim in motion alert]
19:49:14 CAM-1 positive rate.
19:49:16 CAM-2 I got it.
19:49:17 CAM-1 you got it?
19:49:17 CAM-2 yep.
19:49:18 CAM-1 all right.
19:49:18 CAM [sound of two clicks]
19:49:19 CAM-2 we're going back.
19:49:20 CAM-3 what the #?
19:49:20 CAM-2 CG's waay out of limits.
19:49:25 CAM-3 #. do you want to pull the power back?
19:49:27 CAM [sound similar to decreasing engine rpm]
19:49:29 CAM [sound similar to stick shaker]
19:49:30 CAM-2 oh #.
19:49:30 CAM-1 push forward.
19:49:31 CAM-2 goddd...#.
19:49:34 CAM-2 god.
19:49:36 RDO-1 Emery seventeen emergency.
19:49:38 CAM-2 ahhh #.
19:49:40 APR Emery seventeen Sacramento departure radar contact say again?
19:49:40 CAM-2 you steer. I'm pushing.
19:49:44 RDO-1 Emery seventeen has an emergency.
19:49:44 CAM-3 we're sinking. we're going down guys.
19:49:46 APR Emery seventeen go ahead.
19:49:46 CAM [sound similar to increased engine rpm]
19:49:47 CAM whoop whoop pull up whoop whoop pull up whoop whoop pull up whoop whoop pull up whoop...
19:49:47 CAM-2 power.
19:49:51 CAM-2 #.
19:49:51 CAM ... whoop pull up. [GPWS voice]
19:49:52 CAM-1 all right all right. . . all right.
19:49:54 CAM-2 push.
19:49:54 CAM-3 okay so... we' re going back up.
19:49:55 CAM [sound of two clunks]
19:49:57 CAM-3 there you go.
19:49:58 CAM-1 roll out.
19:49:59 CAM-? roll out.
19:50:01 CAM-? [ sound of strained exhale]
19:50:04 RDO-1 Emery seventeen extreme CG problem.
19:50:06 APR Emery seventeen roger.
19:50:07 CAM-3 #.
19:50:10 CAM-? [ sound of strained exhale]
19:50:11 CAM-3 anything I can do guys.
19:50:11 CAM-1 roll out to the right.
19:50:12 CAM-2 okay.
19:50:15 CAM-2 push.
19:50:16 CAM-? push forward.
19:50:18 CAM-2 awww...
19:50:19 CAM [ sound of creaking]
19:50:19 CAM-2 ...#.
19:50:22 CAM-? #.
19:50:25 CAM-2 okay.
19:50:26 CAM-3 you got the trim maxed?
19:50:28 CAM-2 power.
19:50:28 CAM-3 more?
19:50:29 CAM-2 yeah.
19:50:29 CAM whoop whoop pull up whoop whoop pull up whoop...
19:50:32 CAM-2 we're gonna have to land fast.
19:50:32 CAM ...whoop pull up whoop whoop pull up. [GPWS voice]
19:50:36 CAM-1 left turn.
19:50:36 CAM-2 okay.
19:50:37 CAM-2 what I' m trying to do is make the airplane' s position match the elevator. that' s why I'm putting it in a bank.
19:50:45 CAM-1 all right.
19:50:45 CAM-2 okay.
19:50:46 CAM-1 left turn.
19:50:46 CAM-2 so we're gonna have to land it in like a turn.
19:50:47 CAM-1 bring it around.
19:50:48 CAM [sound similar to stick shaker]
19:50:49 CAM-1 bring it around.
19:50:49 CAM-2 god #.
19:50:51 CAM-? [sound of grunt]
19:50:51 CAM [sound of rustling]
19:50:53 CAM-3 #.
19:50:54 CAM-2 you got the airport?
19:50:56 CAM-1 bring it around.
19:50:56 CAM [sound of snap]
19:51:00 CAM-2 power.
19:51:02 CAM whoop whoop pull up whoop. [ GPWS voice]
19:51:02   [audio interruption on all four channels due to CVR tape heat damage]
19:51:07 CAM-2 power.
19:51:07 CAM-2 aww #.
19:51:08 CAM-? **.
19:51:08 CAM [sound similar to impact]
19:51:09   End of Transcript
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