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16 February 1995 - ATI

N782AL, an Air Transport International DC-8-63, landed at MCI on February 16, 1995, after a regularly scheduled cargo flight from Denver (DEN), Colorado. The airplane was loaded with new cargo and was prepared for a departure to Toledo, Ohio. During the engine starting sequence, the flightcrew was unable to start the No. 1 engine. Local maintenance personnel examined the engine and determined that a No. 1 engine gearbox drive gear had failed and that repairs could not be accomplished at MCI. ATI management decided to schedule a three-engine ferry of N782AL to Westover Municipal Airport (CEF), Chicopee, Massachusetts, where repairs could be accomplished. The cargo was then offloaded from the airplane.

At 20.21h LT the DC-8 prepared to take-off from RWY 01L at Kansas City International Airport for a flight to Westover AFB with the no.1 engine inoperative. But the aircraft lost directional control and the crew aborted the take-off. Six minutes afterwards they attempted to take-off for the second time. At 980m into the take-off roll the DC-8 started to veer to the left. At 1160m the aircraft rotated with a tail strike but the tail remained in contact with the runway for another 250m. At 1600m the DC-8 finally became airborne and climbed to 30m before crashing into the ground, left wing-first. The wreckage came to a halt at 2300m.

The three flight crewmembers were fatally injured.

Download the full NTSB report

Transcript of the Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR)

CAPT = Captain
FO = First officer
FE = Flight engineer
CAM = Cockpit area microphone
CAM? = Unidentified voice in cockpit
CVR = Cockpit voice recorder

Time: Source: Content:
2026:12 CAPT: Okay, and we're cleared for takeoff, lights are extended and on. Checklist is complete?
2026:24 FE: Checklist is complete.
2026:24 CAPT: Okay.
2026:25 CAM: (Sound of increasing engine noise.)
2026:33 CAPT: Make sure that, ah, two and three is, ah... .
2026:37 FE: At max power?
2026:37 CAPT: Yeah.
2026:39 FE: Okay.
2026:40 FE: I'll set max power.
2026:46 FE: One one.
2026:49 FE: One two.
2026:50 FE: One three.
2026:52 FE: One four.
2026:54 FE: One five.
2026:58 FE: One six.
2026:59 FO: Airspeed's alive.
2026:59 FE: One seven.
2027:01 CAPT: God bless it.
2027:05 CAPT: Keep it goin'.
2027:06 CAM: (Sound of engine noise increasing.)
2027:07 FE: Keep it goin'?
2027:07 CAPT: Yeah.
2027:07 FO: Eighty knots.
2027:11 FO: Ninety knots.
2027:13 FO: One hundred knots.
2027:17 CAPT: Okay.
2027:17 CAM: (Sound of loud crash.)
2027:20 FO: We're off the runway.
2027:21 CAPT: Go max power.
2027:26 CAPT: Max power.
2027:27 FO: Get the nose down.
2027:28 CAPT: Max power.
2027:29 FO: You got it.
2027:30 CAM?: We're gunnar' go... .
2027:30 CAM: (Sound of loud crash.)
2027:30 CAM: (Sound of screams.)

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