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14 December 1994 - Phoenix Air

A Learjet 35A, registration N521PA, operated by Phoenix Air, crashed due to an in-flight fire, caused by improperly installed electrical wiring for special mission operations that caused airplane systems and structural damage and subsequent airplane control difficulties. Crashed on an avenue while on approach to Fresno.


Download HERE the full NTSB Accident Report


Transcript of the Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR)


TWR Tower Controller
CAM Cockpit Area Microphone
Capt Captain
FO Copilot
* Unidentifiable word or words
# Expletive
? Unsure of origin
[] Editorial insertion


1144:54 FO Base for emergency
1144:58 TWR Dart two one, runway two nine right, cleared to land. Wind's one one zero at five.
1145:01 FO *, I think you're gonna need to do a two-seventy.
1145:04 TWR 'K Dart, one approved. Cleared to land runway two nine right.
1145:07 FO Tower, Dart two one.
1145:09 Capt Ya............
1145:11 Capt We got an engine fire on the right side too, it shows.
1145:15 FO ## ... Do we have power?
1145:17 Capt I'm not getting any response, man.
1145:19 FO Gear's coming down. Pull it in.
1145:22 Capt I'm coming, I'm coming. I'm not gonna ...
1145:29 FO ##
1145:34 FO Full power, full power ... pull up.
1145:38 Capt I, dammit ... [sound of static] pull up dude.
1145:38 FO (I've got) full right rudder in.
1145:50 FO Oh, Christ.
1145:52   [Sound of static]
1145:54 Capt Get ...
1145:57 Capt C'mon baby, don't crash on me now.
1146:03   *** It ... that's all she wrote. [20sec of garbled transmissions]
1146:21 Capt Oh, God.
1146:22 Capt Oh, God.
1146:23 FO No, no.
    End of recording
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