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11 November 1998 - Asiana 7414

An Asiana Boeing 747-400 (HL-7414) taxied to the gate (N-6) at Anchorage for a refueling stop on the flight Seoul-New York (flight 211).

While trying to make a U-turn, the Boeing's no.1 engine struck the wing of an Aeroflot Ilyushin 62M, registration RA-86564, parked at a gate. Immediately thereafter the left wing struck the forward side of the Ilyushin's tail. The Asiana crew added more power causing the wing to cut through nearly half of the tail of the Russian aircraft. The maximum ground speed recorded by the on-board recorders was 16 knots, while according to the company flight manual it should have been "10 knots or below (5 knots if wet or slippery)".

Transcript of the Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR)

CAP = Captain
F/O = First officer
ODC = Off Duty Crewmember
RDO-2 = First officer Radio communications
GRD = Ground crewmember

  RDO-2 The touchdown zone area is ah normal braking action ah mid is a poor.
  CAP The braking action at touchdown was okay. ... but when we turn off from the runway. ... because it snows a lot. Wow.
0131:37 F/O Right side clear. (while preparing to turn off of taxiway E)
0131:51 CAP We are skidding.
0132:01 CAP Turning right.
0132:25 CAP We have to make a guess, what can we do. Got to keep going.
0132:28 F/O Oh, what's going on, the aircraft is not turning.
0132:30 CAP What, not turning?
0132:32 F/O Yes, aircraft is not turning, the aircraft is skidding.
0132:33 CAP Is that right?
0132:35   momentary increase in engine noise.
0132:39   sound of the takeoff warning horn is heard (N1 value from engines number 2 or 3 reached 71.0%)
0132:40 F/O Yes, uh oh it's not control. Brake off, brake off.
0132:45 CAP This way, turn this way.
  F/O Yes, I'm pushing it fully. We are going to collide.
  ODC Looks like we are going to collide.
0132:50 F/O Is it going to be okay?
  CAP It will be okay, let's keep turning.
  F/O Is it going to be okay?
  CAP Yes
0133:00   sound of collision.
  F/O What is it? It seems we are locked? Stop, stop, stop.
0133:08 CAP We are collided.
0134:55 GRD Cockpit ground...shut the engines first.
  CAP Yes
0135:02 GRD Shut the engines first.
0135:40 GRD What happened?
  CAP We were skidded. While we were taxiing to spot six we just kept skidding. Then we started turning to the right to avoid collision but left wing collided with Russian aircraft.
  GRD Why did you use so much power to ramp in?
  CAP No, the power was at idle.
  GRD No, the power was not idle. It looks like you turned the aircraft with increased power.

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