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Added 2015
Air Asia 8501 - A320 crashed when the pilots lost control after the autopilot disengaged
Added 2014
UPS 1354 - A300 crashed short of the runway during approach.
UTAGE 141 - B727 crashed on takeoff after being overloaded.
Fedex 647 - DC-10 crashed on landing during windy conditions.
Pulkovo 612 - Tu-154 crashed after entering a flat spin while flying through thunderstorms.
Kenya Airways 431 - A310 crashed into sea after takeoff due to a false stall warning.
Polish Air Force - Tupolev Tu-154M crashed while attempting to land in thick fog.
Asiana Airlines 214 - B777 crashed after the pilots lost speed awareness.
Air France 447- A330 Crashed after losing airspeed information.
AdamAir 574 - B737 crashed after the autopilot disconnected unnoticed.
Added 2010
Empire Airlines 8284 - ATR 42 crashed while on approach to Lubbock, Texas.
2x Eurocopters - Both news helicopters collided in midair.
Blue Sky Airways - Beech Kingair C90 crashed during a GPS approach.
Air Midwest 5481 - BE-1900 crashed after takeoff due elevator problem.
ABX Air 1611 - B767 cargo fire while preparing for engine start.
UPS 1307 - DC-8 cargo fire on landing.
East Coast Jets flight 81 - Crashed during go-around.
Neptune Aviation - Lockheed Electra crashed on takeoff.
Inter Travel & Services - Learjet 60 (N999LJ) crashed on takeoff.
Southwest Airlines 1248 - Rwy overrun at Chicago Midway.
Pinnacle Airlines 3701 - Crashed after double engine flame out.
Added 2009
DHL 611 & BTC 2937 - Midair collision between a B757 and a Tupolev 154M.
US Airways 1549 - A320 ditched in the Hudon river after bird strikes on takeoff.
SAS 686 - MD-87 collided during takeoff in thick fog with a CitationJet.
Colgan Air 3407 - Crashed on approach in Buffalo due icing.
Added 2007
China Southern Airlines CZ3456 - Heavy landing in bad weather conditions.
TAM 3054 - A320 overran runway after landing in rain with one thrust reverser inop.
Comair 5191 - Crashed after taking off from the wrong runway.
Nationair 2120 - Crashed 11 July 1991 after tyres burst and caught fire after takeoff.
Added 2006
Westwind N61RS - Crashed during approach after hitting mountain wave.
United 93 - Crashed after being hijacked on Sept 11 2001.
Added 2004
Flash Airlines 604 - crashed during initial climb.
Luxair 9642 - crashed during landing after selecting ground-idle in flight.
Expo Aviation Ilyushin 18D - Belly landing.
Crossair 498 - Crashed 10 Jan 2000 after takeoff.
Emery Worlwide - DC-8 crashed on 16 Feb 2000 after takeoff due to control problems.
Added 2003
Brit Air 5672 - Crashed during approach in marginal weather.
Korean Air 8509 - Crashed shortly after takeoff due to instrument failure.
Avista - Shorts 360 ditched after both engines flamed.
Air India 605 - Crashed while too low on approach.
GP Express - Crashed while performing a barrel role at night and too low altitude.
Phoenix Air - Learjet crashed after an inflight fire.
United 9963 that crashed during takeoff on 21 March 1968.
Airwave 9807 - 19 July 2000.
China Airlines 611 - Inflight breakup.


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