25 September 1996 - DDA

The DC-3 took off from the island of Texel at 16.28h for a return trip to Amsterdam. Engine problems were reported at 16.33 to texel Radio. The crew switched over to NAS De Kooy Approach and told De Kooy they wanted to make an emergency landing. At that time they were flying at 600ft, 11nm NE of NAS De Kooy. The crew tried to feather the no.1 prop, but part of the feathering-mechanism failed. The prop started windmilling, causing drag. The aircraft descended and control was lost at 180m when the speed had dropped below minimum control speed. The DC-3 crashed onto a mud-flat. The aircraft had been overloaded by 240kg (maximum 11895kg), but this wouldn't have had any negative effects on the controllability of the aircraft.

PROBABLE CAUSES: "The accident was initiated by a combined failure of the left engine and the left feathering system. The accident became inevitable when the flight crew allowed the speed to decrease below stall speed and lost control of the aircraft at an altitude from which recovery was not possible. Contributing Factors were: 1) serious degradation of controllability and performance.; 2) a high work load imposed on the flight crew by the multiple failure, further increased by unfavorable flight conditions and a suboptimal cockpit lay-out.; 3) the inadequate level of skill and experience of the flight crew on the DC-3 to be able to cope with this specific emergency situation."

Transcript of the Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR)

All times UTC

16.35:22 PH-DDA Uh, De Kooy Approach uh, PHDDA.
16.35:28 De Kooy Appr. PHDDA De Kooy Approach, goeiemiddag.
16.35:32 PH-DDA Uh, PDA is uh.., at 600 ft and approaching uh.., De Kooy, we want to make an emergency landing on De Kooy.
16.35:42 De Kooy Appr. PDA are you able to squawk?
16.35:45 PH-DDA Uh, we are squawking 0060 and we uh.., feathered number one engine.
16.35:52 De Kooy Appr. PDA to uh, squawk 4 3 21, the qnh 1010 and runway 22 is in use.
16.36:06 PHILL De Kooy Approach goeiemiddag, PHILL just airborne, passing 500, climbing 2000 in the left turn, heading 120.
16.36:12 De Kooy Appr. PLL radar contact, continue.
16.36:15 PHILL Wilco, PLL.
16.36:17 De Kooy Appr. PDA squawk 4321.
16.36:24 De Kooy Appr. PHDDA De Kooy Approach.
16.36:29 PH-DDA PDA go ahead.
16.36:31 De Kooy Appr. PDA squawk 4321, proceed inbound for the runway 22 at De Kooy.
16.36:36 PH-DDA Uh, say again the squawk?
16.36:38 De Kooy Appr. 4321.
16.36:40 PH-DDA 4 3 2 ... ?
16.36:43 De Kooy Appr. 4321.
16.36:52 PH-DDA 4321 uh, is on and give me a uh, give me a heading.
16.36:58 De Kooy Appr. Ja, PDA uh, standby radar contact.
16.37:02 De Kooy Appr. PDA request your position now?
16.37:07 PH-DDA [...] we have your 11 miles out and to the North-east.
16.37:12 De Kooy Appr. PDA we have radar contact, to make your heading 240.
16.37:16 PH-DDA Roger the heading 240.
16.37:20 De Kooy Appr. Heli15 make your heading 120, we have an emergency landing
16.37:24 Heli15 [...] copied, 120 the heading, maintaining 3000.
16.37:27 De Kooy Appr. PDA request your POB?
16.37:37 De Kooy Appr. PDA request your POB?
16.37:58 De Kooy Appr. PDA request your heading?
16.38:05 De Kooy Appr. PDA in case you read, make your heading uh, 250.
16.38:19 De Kooy Appr. PDA this is De Kooy Approach, how do you read?
16.38:27   De Kooy Approach warns KLM helicopter 15 and asks him to have a look.
14.45:53   KLM Helicopter 15 gives the message: we have DDA in sight.

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