23 February 2019 - Atlas Air 3591

Atlas Air Flight 3591 was a Boeing 767-300-ER-BCF flying from Miami
International Airport to George Bush Intercontinental Airport in
Houston, Texas.

At 12:45 local time on February 23, 2019, witnesses reported a loud
bang, and the plane deviated off course and crashed into Trinity Bay,
killing all on board.

Below is the ATC transcript while we are awaitig the release of the Cockpit Voice Recorder transcript.

ATC Transcript:
GTI3591 - Atlas Air Flight 3591
UAL1788 - United Airlines Flight 1788
I-90 APP - Houston Approach
??? - Unknown

Approach, good afternoon, Giant 3591, 17.8 descending via the LINKK.
We have Sierra.

I90 APP:
Giant 3591, there is a little bit of light, now showing a bit of
heavy, light to heavy precipitation just west of, it looks like VANNN,
it is moving eastbound, so once you get in closer, if you need to get
vectors around it, we'll be able to coordinate that.


Giant 3591, Houston Approach?


...Let me know if you pick up an EFT at all.

Negative ELT. Have a good day.

I90 APP:
United 1788, say flight conditions there.

1788, we're IMC, pretty moderate chop, United 1788.

I90 APP:
Giant 3591 heavy, Houston Approach?


Giant 3591 heavy, Houston Approach, how do you hear?

(End of transcript)