22 March 1964 - MAS 511

G-APDH, a Comet 4 of MAS (Malaysian Airlines Systems) was as scheduled passenger service on a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore. Shortly after landing the right gear forging broke because of a fatigue failure. The Comet remained on the runway but fire broke out. None of the passengers were killed.

The above photo is of a similar aircraft as the accident aircraft.


ST = Singapore tower
511 = Comet G-APDH
AFS = Airport Fire Service
SFB = Singapore Fire Brigade
Apron = Apron Control Office D1 = D1 controller

Frequency Time Source To: Content
118.3 911:30:00 511 ST 511 is estimating SJ at 15 we are passing FL60.
118.3 911:40:00 ST 511 Roger. Runway 02 surface wind 060 10 gusting 15 QNH 1007 report SJ inbound.
118.3 911:40:00 511 ST Will do.
118.3 915:52:00 511 ST 511 is SJ inbound.
118.3 916 ST 511 Roger. Report 4 miles final.
118.3 916 511 ST Will do.
118.3 917:31:00 ST 511 Have you in sight. You are clear to land. Surface wind 030/10.
118.3 917:40:00 511 ST 511.
919:40:00 Tower backg. Ooops!
919:49:00 Tower backg. Wheels have fallen off.
Intercom 919:52:00 Tower AFS Yes, Tower. Comet ... (unintelligeble) wheels fallen off. Comet aircraft landing. OK. Thank you.
121.9 919:58:00 Tower AFS Fire Station, Fire Station ... (unintelligeble). Comet crash square one one., square one one.
118.3 920:03:00 ST 511 Celled N/R.
118.3 920:05:00 ST 511 511 - Your undercarriage wheels have dropped off and there is smoke ... There is smoke over, over ... on the aircraft - N/R.
121.9 920:20:00 Tender 1 Tender one calling all fire appliances, Tender one calling all fire appliances ... (transmission unintelligeble).
121.9 920:20:00 Tower Fire vehicles square twelve (check) square twelve (check). Aircraft crashed on runway ... total on board sixty-eight.
Intercom 920:35:00 Tower SFB Hello! SFB Hello! SFB is that the Fire brigade? ... Fire brigade, control tower here. There is an aircraft that has crashed and there is fire on the aircraft. What fire is it? Aircraft fire. Full emergency. Aircraft is on fire, will you rush out please. D
Intercom 920:39:00 SFB Tower Hello! Full emergency or declared emergency? Full emergency. Full emergency. 68 on board.
118.3 920:40:00 ? I think there is a bright fire on the starboard side.
Intercom 921:15:00 Tower D1 Comet has landed ... his main wheels broken off and there is fire. Full emergency on/OK.
Intercom 921:20:00 Tower Apron ... Aircraft crash ... (unintelligeble) how many on board? Sixty-eight, sixty-eight ... What type? Comet aircraft Comet aircraft crashed sixty eight on board. Thank you.

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