17 March 2000 - BP Amoco Corporation

The Dassault Falcon 900, registration N814M, touched down about 2,640 feet down the 5,425-foot long runway 24. The airplane impacted the localizer antenna, went through a fence, crossed a 2-lane road, struck 3 vehicles, continued into a parking lot, impacting concrete barriers.

PROBABLE CAUSE: "The flightcrew's inadequate coordination and improper weather evaluation. Also causal was the captain's improper decision to continue the approach to a runway with insufficient length and his failure to obtain the proper touch down point on the runway. A factor in the accident was the tailwind conditions and the ice and snow covered runway. "

Transcript of the Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR)

CAM - Cockpit area microphone
RDO - Radio transmission from accident aircraft
-1 - Voice identified as Captain
-2 - Voice identified as First Officer
APP - Hyannis-Barnstable Approach
TWR - Hyannis-Barnstable Tower

17.49:36 CAM-1 I don't know if you get time to check with the tower to see what the winds are right now. I wouldn't want to get a surprise after we set up on the...
17.49:43 CAM-2 Okay.
17.49:45 CAM-1 ...on the approach you know and have the winds right down the.
17.50:01 RDO-2 yes sir we-re gonna be with you in just a second. Could you give me your current winds please.
17.50:11 TWR wind ah zero one zero at ah two five.
17.50:16 RDO-2 zero one zero at two five. How's that runway now?
17.50:22 TWR ah no one's ah landed ah. the last braking action report I received was at ah two zero four one * zulu ah braking action was reported poor by a Cessna four oh two. It's ah looks like it appear to be a little more snow on the runway now.
17.50:43 CAM-2 all right he said ah the winds are zero one zero at twenty five now. braking action was ah.
17.50:50 CAM-1 that's not gonna work. that's a big tailwind on landing.
17.50:54 CAM-1 two four would almost work better wouldn't it?
17.51:11 CAM-1 we're gonna have to go around to two four@. I mean I-I that's less tailwind component on two four then would you agree?
17.51:18 CAM-2 yeah # you know. one five. you're gonna just...
17.51:22 CAM-1 okay which*...
17.51:23 CAM-2 ...go over the airport? but see that's you*.
17.51:25 CAM-1 ...yeah why don't you go ahead and ask ah approach to set us up with that please.
17.51:29 CAM-2 two four? okay.
17.51:31 CAM-1 I don't see how we can do it w-with that much tailwind on landing.
  CAM-2 okay.
17.51:38 RDO-2 yes sir I wonder if you'd set us up with the ILS to runway two four ah it looks like the winds ah not in our favor on runway one five.
17.51:46 APP eight one four Mike roger turn right zero niner zero vectors ILS two four final approach course.
17.51:54 CAM-2 I'll get you set up in one second.
  CAM-1 Okay.
17.52:02 CAM-1 that sound like the right thing to do to you.
17.52:04 CAM-2 yeah * your right it's you know I was hoping for a little better but i guess it's not going to work is it.
17.52:12 CAM-2 I'm gonna get back with it in just a second. I'm gonna get the ah.
  CAM-1 okay.
17.52:33 CAM-1 I'd say that's a little less than ten knots of ah tailwind on on landing.
17.54:22 CAM-2 standby one second I'm gonna get you some.
17.54:31 RDO-2 okay we didn't like the winds. we're gonna switch around to the ILS to runway two four. What have you got for braking action and winds now?
17.54:40 TWR the wind ah zero two zero at two six gusts to three four...ah no braking action reports ah received for runway ah two four.
17.54:57 CAM-2 okay he's got zero two zero. # that's gonna be a direct tailwind right there on runway.
17.55:02 CAM-1 what what'd he call it now?
17.55:04 CAM-2 he's calling it zero two zero.
  CAM-1 Okaay.
17.55:08 CAM-2 see that's gonna be a direct tailwind.
17.55:09 CAM-1 we're lan-landing on runway two four right?
17.55:11 CAM-2 yeah but see that's that's not good right? cause this is gonna be more of a tailwind there.
17.55:18 RDO-2 and for eight one four Mike. Say again the ah the wind.
17.55:24 TWR wind zero two zero at two six gusts to three four.
17.55:29 CAM-2 zero two zero at two six and see that's more of a tailwind.
17.55:32 CAM-1 I don't know@. it looks like it's if you look at one five it...
17.55:36 CAM-2 zero two zero.
17.55:37 CAM-1 ...I understand. zero t-. it's almost a-a direct tailwind. I got twenty five hundred for fifteen hundred.
  CAM-2 okay.
17.55:49 CAM-1 slow it up here. do you wanna try to figure the component real quick?
17.55:54 CAM-2 #. I don't even know where the box is.
17.56:09 CAM-1 just look at the compass rose there. it's not a direct tailwind.
17.56:12 CAM-2 yeah but. okay well. zero two...at well that's got a component there.
17.56:19 CAM-1 it's got I know it's got a tailwind component.
17.56:22 CAM-2 okay one five.
17.56:23 CAM-1 ...but I'm guessing it's less than ten.
17.57:22 CAM-2 ah two six one well. yeah you got ninety degrees little bit more***.
17.57:44 CAM-2 all right @ I think you're right.
17.57:45 CAM-1 then okay arm the approach for me.
17.58:37 TWR Falcon eight one four Mike Hyannis tower. runway two four clear to land. ah last braking action report received was by a vehicle ah braking action was reported fair.
17.58:46 CAM-2 eight one four Mike and your wind right now please.
17.58:52 TWR wind ah zero one zero at two two.
17.58:56 CAM-2 zero one zero at two two. eight one four Mike.
17.58:57 CAM-1 that's got to be less than ten knots. okay.
17.58:58 CAM-2 all right I'll buy that.
18.00:01 CAM-2 I got a ground speed of about hundred and fifty nine...
18.00:04 CAM-1 okay thank you.
18.00:44 CAM-2 okay ground speed's one sixty.
18.00:48 CAM-1 okay.
18.01:14 CAM-2 I don't like it.
18.01:18 CAM [Sound similar to touchdown, followed by the captain calling for the "auto-brakes."]
18.01:32 CAM [Sound similar to several impacts.]

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