2 September 1977 - Transmeridian 3751

Transmeridian Air Cargo, flight 3751, a Canadair CL-44, registration G-ATZH, crashed during takeoff from Hong Kong-Kai Tak Airport.

The no.4 engine failed shortly after take-off. The prop was feathered, but a fire developed and the aircraft was seen to crash into the sea on fire, 8 minutes after take-off.

PROBABLE CAUSE: "A loss of control following in-flight separation of the right-hand outboard wing section and the no.4 engine. These failures followed a no.4 engine failure, an internal engine fire and a fire in the aircraft fuel system eventually resulting in a massive external fire."

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Transcript of the Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR)

Time Station Message
0:27:50 TWR Transmeridian 3751, Hong Kong Tower, you are clear for take off. Surface wind 090 degrees, 8 knots.
0:27:58 KK3751 Roger, understand clear to line up and take off.
0:28:01 TWR Affirmative
0:28:23 TWR Transmeridian 3751, if you line up at this position. You lose about one thousand feet of your take off run.
0:28:32 KK3751 3751, one thousand feet.
0:28:36 TWR One thousand feet approximately.
0:28:40 KK3751 Okay. We'll go down the end. Thank You.
0:28:43 TWR Roger.
0:30:29 KK3751 3751 is rolling.
0:30:31 TWR 3751, roger.
0:31:28 TWR Kilo Kilo 3751, smoke from your number 4 engine.
0:31:30 KK3751 Yeah, we shit it down.
0:31:32 KK3751 Roger 3751, we have had a engine failure.
0:31:37 TWR Roger.
0:31:53 TWR Kilo Kilo 3751, your intention.
0:31:59 KK3751 3751, we'll go out and dump fuel Sir and return.
0:32:02 TWR Kilo Kilo 3751 roger.
0:32:33 TWR 3751 be advised Tathong Point straight ahead is eight hundred and seven feet.
0:32:39 KK3751 3751, thank you. We are visual.
0:32:42 TWR Roger.
0:33:06 TWR Transmeridian 3751, contact Hong Kong Approach 119 decimal one.
0:33:10 KK3751 Hong Kong Approach 119 decimal one roger.
0:33:42 KK3751 Transmeridian 1191
0:33:46 APP Transmeridian 3751, go ahead.
0:33:51 KK3751 We just ah climbing through 1000 feet. We'll be dumping shortly.
0:33:58 APP Roger, from the outer marker. I suggest you turn on to an easterly heading and climb to about 4000 feet before commencing dumping fuel.
0:34:07 KK3751 Roger, we'll turn on to an easterly heading and climb to about 4000 feet.
0:34:11 APP Roger.
0:34:25 APP And can you estimate how long you require for fuel dumping.
0:34:28 KK3751 Be ten and a half minutes.
0:34:31 APP Roger.
0:35:28 KK3751 Hong Kong Approach. Transmeridian 3751, we won't be able to dump. We've got an engine on fire at this time and we'll have to come back and land with the fuel on board.
0:35:38 APP Roger 3751, make a right turn I say again a right turn on to heading 315.
0:35:47 KK3751 315
0:35:58 KK3751 Right turn on to 315, roger.
0:36:03 APP That's affirmative right turn heading 310. I'll vector you straight in on to Runway 31, no delay.
0:36:10 KK3751 Roger. I understand would be appreciated it as quick as possible.
0:36:13 APP Roger, make the right turn descend to 2000 feet, QNH 10007 millibars.
0:36:21 KK3751 2000 feet on 1007
0:36:48 APP 3751 is 12 miles south east of the airfield, if you are visual at any time, you are clear to continue visually the surface wind is 090 degree at 06 knots.
0:37:00 KK3751 Roger, we are Victor Mike but we'll need radar vectoring.
0:37:03 APP Roger.
0:37:23 APP 3751, stop your turn heading 295,295.
0:37:38 KK3751 295 roger.
0:38:00 KK3751 Tower from 3751, you better standby with the fire cover. We did have visual sight of flames but they seem to be extinguished at this time.
0:38:08 APP 3751 that's understood and we are ready.
0:38:13 KK3751 There's still smoke coming out of it.
0:38:15 APP Okay.
0:38:17 KK3751 We're going in.
0:38:21 KK3751 The engines come off, the engines ..........(voice fading out and clicking noise)
    (End of Recording)


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